9 dorm room essentials for your freshman year

by Kailey Herbrich When moving into a new space for the first time, especially a college dorm, it can be terrifying. Your room is the only space considered your own in college, and you will probably even have to share that with another student. Suddenly that one tiny room turns into a study space, kitchen, […]

7 things to know when cooking as a college student

By Claire Filaski *** Incoming college students are always going to be berated with inquisitive questions from friends and family, but one question stands out on an annoyance level: “Do you know how to cook?” Do you have every recipe on the planet memorized? No, but with a sheet of instructions and a little trial […]

5 ways to save money as a college student 

College is a time in many people’s lives when they are exposed to new responsibilities and atmospheres. During this time, it is important for college students to remember that these years are meant to prepare you for your future as an “adult.” Learning financial responsibility is a big step into adulthood, and college can be […]

7 CofC classes you should definitely take this spring

Fall break is quickly approaching, which means it is time to start registering for classes – and all students know the pain of finding next semester’s classes. The process can take days of weeding through what seems like an endless list. It is impossible to find the right courses to fill the holes in your […]

An open letter to CofC’s new president

Dear President Hsu, As a group of communication students at the College of Charleston, we welcome you to our special campus in this beautiful place. We are excited to have you lead us to even greater opportunity in the coming years. As you take the reins at CofC, there are a few things we think […]

Important considerations before coming to college

Moving out and going somewhere new is exciting, but it can also be kind of scary. For many, this experience happens for the first time when going away for college. College is one of the greatest experiences, but it comes with consequences. Many people talk only about the social aspect of college, but never really […]

5 reasons you should definitely study abroad

Studying abroad is an experience every student deserves to have at least once in his/her educational career. There’s a reason people who have studied abroad can’t stop talking about it. No matter the destination, you will end up with countless stories and memories. By the end of the trip, you’ll feel like a brand new […]

9 easy ways to survive the ‘sophomore slump’ in college

Sophomore year is like the middle child in the family – the excitement of starting your freshman year is over, but the thought of graduation is nowhere in sight. The idea of stressing over tests and essays for the next three years seems exhausting. Almost all college students go through this dreadful “sophomore slump,” but […]

7 of the most important lessons you learn in college

College is all about trial and error. Constantly being knocked down and learning how to get back up and keep going usually because you really don’t have a choice. The good news is, there are really great lessons to be learned from all these “SERIOUSLY??” moments, and here are seven of the most important ones […]

11 ways to survive the end of the semester in spite of a hurricane evacuation

. October is always a hectic month for College of Charleston students as midterms come way too fast and right in the middle of the best weather. But when a hurricane hits the coast and school is cancelled, well, that makes preparing for midterms and staying on track for finals even tougher than usual When […]

Productive things to do when the next hurricane strikes

Living in the Lowcountry means “hurricane season” should not be taken lightly. And thankfully, the College of Charleston never does, often canceling classes if the storm threat is too great. But rarely is that threat carried out (looking at you Hurricane Matthew), leaving college students a lot of free time while classes are canceled. So […]

7 reasons Holy City Brewing is the best brewery in Charleston

Do you have a beard? Fancy listening to old Bob Dylan albums on your vinyl record player? Find yourself having an urge to buy a pour-over coffee maker for the freshly ground Ethiopian blend you just picked up at Black Tap? If you answered yes to any (or all) of the previous questions, you very […]

9 reasons you’ll love going to the College of Charleston

by Caroline McNeely There are a lot of good colleges to attend, but after you’ve visited the College of Charleston in the heart of one of the most historic cities in the country, you won’t want to go anywhere else. Trust me. But just in case, here are nine reasons why I’m telling you the […]

From ‘Southern Charm’ to Holy City ghosts, Charleston makes for great video

Whether it’s the on-going cruise ship controversy or the easy-to-ridicule ‘Southern Charm’ reality TV show, Charleston has a few blemishes. But mostly, this city and its downtown school, College of Charleston, have a lot to offer students and residents alike. (Word of caution, though – you may want to build your own bomb shelter if you […]

Do you know the most interesting buildings in Charleston?

 – by Clifton McDaniel Charleston is home to some of the most interesting historic architecture that people travel across the globe to see. Have you actually been inside our 10 most interesting picks? If not, spring is a great time to walk the Holy City’s sidewalks and find these magnificent buildings.

4 lessons drug dealers should learn from Silk Road

1. Silk Road is NOT a system of trade and cultural transmission Silk Road was cleverly named after a historical network of trade routes between Europe, India, and China during the Han Dynasty from 206 A.D. and 220 A.D. But Silk Road in this case refers to a black market website that sold illegal goods […]

5 pork dishes hot in Charleston right now

Despite all the fresh seafood to be had in this port city, the pork fad has hit Charleston. For centuries pork was thought of as a ”dirty” meat because of the farm conditions pigs were generally raised in. Not to mention pork has a higher fat content than most other meats, which has turned away […]

10 Best Apps for College

Tablets are becoming the computing device of choice among college students because they are smaller, lighter and less expensive than laptops. Using a tablet also gives you access to that brand’s app store.  Apps are cheap and you can add or delete them at your convenience. There are over one million apps to choose from […]

15 ways to survive your freshman year

College is the time of your life. Right? It is four years unlike anything else you have ever experienced. For someone just 18 years old and away from home for the very first time, it can be both thrilling and exhilarating, while also frightening and even a bit daunting. Freshman year means learning to juggle […]

Charleston’s got charm – some call it swag – like you’ve never seen

If you know anything about this top city in the world, you know Charlestonians have a long history of enjoying themselves.  In 1770 the famous French author J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur visited a much younger Charles-Town, and wrote, “The inhabitants are the gayest in America. The rays of their sun seem to urge […]

Study drugs still common among students

“Study drugs” may be good for pulling an all-nighter, but students admit there are downs that come with the ups. From studying for the SAT in high school to taking college exit exams, students for years have been delving into the world of the study drug to reach new heights in concentration highs by obtaining […]

Charleston’s best food/drink deals for college students

For college students, finding the best deals for food and beverages are important due to “low funds.” Most students are constantly browsing for deals to save every penny. “I really like the deals from Boone’s, Kickin’ Chicken, and Wild Wings mainly because they are all really close to where I stay and they are 3 […]

12 ways to make Disney your bitch

  Haven’t been to Disney yet? Or not in a long time? Go…now! And these 12 tips will help you make the most of your Disney experience. Trust us, we’re experts. Stay at Disney Your room key is your ticket, free transportation, early admission and you can stay later at the parks. While many of […]

6 reasons you should be worried about violence in America

Given recent shootings in a New Jersey mall, LAX airport, a Nevada school and the U.S. Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., it is necessary to examine why Americans are so violent. We have become desensitized to violent acts. These Halloween costumes “praise“ acts of extreme violence. “I’m certainly not surprised,” says College of Charleston senior […]

10 reasons we love College of Charleston

We’ve got history, cobblestone, Spanish Moss, unbelievable food (pricey, but still unbelievable), great nightlife and the beach. Are you kidding me…why go anywhere else? See the Storify by Nicole Lubel.

10 ways music makes you happier, healthier

See the  listicle by James DeMarco. We’ve known intuitively that music can pick us up when we need a little lift or just adds to our already good mood, but now there’s research proving that music is actually helping us live healthier and be happier.   Related articles 5 Ways To Be Happier (lifehack.org) How […]

7 reasons Netflix is way cooler than TV

Netflix  recently surpassed HBO in paid subscribed customers, and the company’s popularity is continuing to rise with an array of show plus original series such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Here are seven reasons why Netflix is way better than cable. You can watch movies and shows at home or […]

CofC #girl problems

Ten problems encountered by your average College of Charleston girl, including Sabatinos pizza in your bed and having a closet full of designer rain boots. #ugh See the Storify by Lexi Rider and Ashley Bell. Related articles Campus Spottings (eastcoastgypsy1.wordpress.com)