5 reasons you should definitely study abroad

Studying abroad is an experience every student deserves to have at least once in his/her educational career.

There’s a reason people who have studied abroad can’t stop talking about it. No matter the destination, you will end up with countless stories and memories.

By the end of the trip, you’ll feel like a brand new person, and you will never have quite the same perspective on most of life.


Think more complexly and creatively

Studying abroad typically means you will have to speak in a foreign language.

Even if the idea of having to learn a new language is terrifying, it will actually benefit you in the long run.

Learning a new language, especially while in a foreign country, causes your brain to think more complexly. You are also prone to be a better problem solver and display more creativity.


Meet a diverse group  of people

Studying abroad will allow you to network with not only the group of students and professors that you go with, but also all the locals as well.

Networking with professors is very useful because of their expertise and ability to mentor you. The friendships you build with locals will also carry on long after you leave the country.

And with social media, it’s really easy to keep in contact with those who you befriend abroad. These everlasting friendships can also be beneficial toward potential career opportunities.


Become more independent

Being abroad forces you to learn a new way of life pretty quickly.

From intercultural communication to learning how to adapt to the culture, there’s a lot to learn. But soon you will find yourself booking your own flights to different countries, buying tickets for public transportation in a different language by yourself, and navigating foreign streets.


Become more cultured

This ties back into learning a new language and developing friendships while traveling. Every person you meet will teach you more about the customs, either verbally or through example.

Your knowledge will expand so much, and you will begin to have a different perspective on many things, including the United States.


Improve yourself

The most fulfilling aspect of studying abroad is the fact that you will be a brand new person by the end of your trip.

Before I went to Spain, I had no idea how to navigate public transportation, but I had to quickly learn in order to get anywhere.

Because other countries aren’t nearly as time-oriented as the United States, I was able to prioritize my work much easier than ever before.

97 percent of students matured after coming back.

Now that you have spent months navigating a new country and figuring out a new language, you’ll be able to handle any curve ball thrown your way.

by Adina Beslagic

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