Seven reasons ‘Nashville’ is the best show you could watch on TV

“Nashville” – formerly on ABC before CMT picked up the canceled show – highlights a family, their friends, and all of the issues that come with country music fame. But unlike other TV shows, this one does something others do not – it makes you feel like you are actually experiencing the events with the […]

5 shows that changed television

The television has become a fixture in American households since its rise in popularity following World War II with Americans tuning in every day to soak up the vast array of shows that populate TV screens. Though thousands of programs have entertained audiences for decades, few have matched the impact of these five shows. Whether […]

5 reasons you need to start watching ‘Game of Thrones’

In HBO’s popular fantasy drama “Game of Thrones,” everyone is vying for the iron throne. Set in Westeros, a fictional world created by George R.R. Martin, “Game of Thrones” has gained a large international following. The show features seven kingdoms battling to rule over Westeros. If that conflict alone doesn’t convince you to watch the […]

15 times Greys Anatomy was better than a therapist

Seriously. There is no need to pay for a therapist when you just need to watch Greys Anatomy. Throughout its 12 seasons, this TV drama has seen it all. From life to death and everything in between, the show has covered all the bases and would be just as good as your therapist. So no need to waste money on therapy, […]

7 reasons Netflix is way cooler than TV

Netflix  recently surpassed HBO in paid subscribed customers, and the company’s popularity is continuing to rise with an array of show plus original series such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Here are seven reasons why Netflix is way better than cable. You can watch movies and shows at home or […]