An open letter to CofC’s new president

Dear President Hsu, As a group of communication students at the College of Charleston, we welcome you to our special campus in this beautiful place. We are excited to have you lead us to even greater opportunity in the coming years. As you take the reins at CofC, there are a few things we think […]

President Trump’s silence on sexual assault is impacting American culture in a very negative way

Hundreds of prominent women have come forward in the past year to speak out against sexual harassment and sexual abuse, sparking the #MeToo movement and encouraging women everywhere to stand against such behavior. Beginning with complaints last year by dozens of actresses against prominent Hollywood movie director Harry Weinstein and coming to a head with […]

4 ways Trump’s travel ban hurts our communities

President Donald Trump enacted an executive order on Sept. 25 that restricts travel to the United States from eight predominantly Muslim countries. The controversial travel ban was to go into effect Oct. 18 and would have restricted residents of Chad, Libya, Iran, Syria, Yemen,Venezuela, Somalia and North Korea from obtaining visas. This newest travel ban […]

Trump not too popular among Charleston locals

by Davy Kesey and Branden Edwards

Students may not know who wants to lead America, but they do know the name of the Kardashian baby

by Lauren Tomes, Mara Fields & Phoebe Singleton


In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last six months, we’ve got a little international terrorism thing brewing. But it’s impossible to figure out what’s going on when we don’t even know what to call the terrorist group. Is it ISIS? Or ISIL? Maybe just IS?   Oh, WTF…let’s just figure out […]