Important considerations before coming to college

Moving out and going somewhere new is exciting, but it can also be kind of scary. For many, this experience happens for the first time when going away for college.

College is one of the greatest experiences, but it comes with consequences. Many people talk only about the social aspect of college, but never really anything that one could come across mentally.

College will bring out a whirlwind of emotions because it is a lot of adjustment – especially for freshmen who often find  the influx of information overwhelming.

But college is where young people really find out who they are, and it is essential to have some sort of direction on what to do.

So here are a few tips before coming to college to help you successfully become independent and discover your true self.


College is a lot different than high school.


It’s the first time having to make adult decisions, and the schedule is completely up to a student’s choices.

It can be overwhelming realizing how much responsibility comes with going to college – from doing your own laundry, making your own meals, completing assignments, etc. – it’s a lot to do on your own.

It’s OK, every day is a learning process.


Go into college with an open mind

College is where you test your skills and discover new passions.

Some people go into college knowing exactly what they want to study and others go in undecided.

Either way it’s best to keep an open mind because you may find a new passion that was undiscovered before coming to college.


It’s going to be stressful, but that’s OK!

College is particularly stressful during midterms and exams.

Sometimes assignments may overlap, but that is why prioritizing your time is essential to your success as a student.

There are always ways to relieve the stress and anxieties that may come up along the way.


Stay true to yourself

Finding your groove and getting a core group of friends established takes time and will be difficult at first.

As cliche as it sounds, always remember to stay true to yourself.

Find your brand and stick with it. When you can master this, the right people with similar interests will find their way into your life.


College is what you make it, so take advantage of it

Four years may seem like a long time, but it’s not!

It goes by incredibly fast, so it’s important to really open up to people and try new things.

Although school comes first, it is important to remember to have fun as well.

There are some incredible opportunities that may come up, so don’t hesitate to jump at them!


by Kaitlyn MacKinnon

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