10 Best Apps for College

Tablets are becoming the computing device of choice among college students because they are smaller, lighter and less expensive than laptops.

Using a tablet also gives you access to that brand’s app store.  Apps are cheap and you can add or delete them at your convenience.

There are over one million apps to choose from and only so much data space (especially if you like to download movies, TV shows, and music!)

So which apps are the best for getting you through college? Here is a Top 10 for every college student:

1. Evernote– Free

Evernote keeps you organized by storing your notes, pictures, and recordings in your specific notebooks.

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“I love having Evernote as my digital notebook,” says Hope Klicker, a senior, communication major. “It’s easy to use, has awesome organizational features, and I can access my notes through my computer, tablet and phone.”

2. Recordium- Free

Instead of taking notes, just record them. Recordium allows you to highlight sections of the track so you can play back the most important parts. You can also add notes, tags and pictures to the track and trim or cut the parts you do not need.

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3. Notability- $1.99

This notepad allows you to write, type, record and draw so you can take the best notes.

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An online review gave it five stars saying, “I absolutely LOVE this app! So many great features for college classes including being able to record lectures while taking notes that are either typed OR handwritten.”

4. Rate My Professor– Free

While registering for next semester’s classes, check Rate My Professor to see peer reviews on any professor at your university.

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“I always check Rate My Professor before I register for classes,” says Ben Boykin, a senior, sociology major. “You have to make sure you’re getting in the best classes.”

5. Amazon Student- Free

By simply scanning a barcode, you can get price checks on a textbook from amazon.com so you don’t pay $300 at your university bookstore.

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“Amazon is the best place to buy books because you can instantly compare prices and it’s so much cheaper than the bookstore,” says Jen Rosene, a senior, business administrator major.

6. Khan Academy– Free

This studying app provides flashcards and educational videos for any and every subject you could think of.

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An online review gave it five stars and said, “The videos are very informative and great for reviewing before a test or clearing up a tricky lecture in class.”

7. WolframAlpha- $2.99

WolframAlpha gives you information and statistics from thousands of databases on subjects from weather to engineering to sports. It can walk you through a calculus problem or show you the day’s beach tides.

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8. iSource MLA/ APA- $3.99

iSource quickly formats in-text citations and your bibliography so you can spare yourself the headache.

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“It was such a relief to find iSourceAPA. It made citing and doing bibliographies so much easier,” says Lizzy Vaughn, a senior, international studies major.


9. Study Buddy- $.99

Study Buddy tracks the amount of time you spend distracted while studying and records your efficiency. Whenever you answer a call or open another app, it is a “study break”. You can see the time you spend working versus the time you may be wasting.

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10. iStudiezPro- $2.99

Never miss another assignment, class, or exam again! iStudiezPro organizes your calendar, sends assignment reminders, and tracks your grades and GPA.

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