What to do right now to be better prepared for a major hurricane

We can no longer afford to endure the brunt force of Mother Nature. Over the past few weeks the world has watched in horror as the Atlantic Ocean unleashed the most devastating hurricane season in living memory. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria each took turns battering the United States and its Caribbean territories, killing […]

How to stay safe when Charleston floods

Whether it’s a Hurricane Hugo situation or just a Category 2 storm like Hurricane Matthew, Charleston is guaranteed to flood. With age-old irrigation systems and half the city barely above sea level, it’s good to know the do’s and dont’s for this year’s storm season. So get ready with these five tips to survive Charleston’s […]

11 ways to survive the end of the semester in spite of a hurricane evacuation

. October is always a hectic month for College of Charleston students as midterms come way too fast and right in the middle of the best weather. But when a hurricane hits the coast and school is cancelled, well, that makes preparing for midterms and staying on track for finals even tougher than usual When […]