Five best sustainable fashion brands on social media

By Ellie Evans

Changing our fashion narrative to being one where we invest in clothing items that are ethically made as well as serve a larger purpose is becoming trendy.

And it’s a good thing.

Our climate crisis is real, and brands that care about their impact on the planet are the ones we need to support.

The following list of companies is gaining lots of online traction for their fashion as well as their sustainability practices, and they are also putting revenue back into environmental causes.

Mud Jeans

The brand Mud Jeans is known for being the world’s first-ever circular denim company, meaning its products are heavily focused on reusing materials and lowering its carbon footprint. 

Mud demonstrates its classic styles of denim with expressing the importance of emitting less carbon and lowering water waste. 

On its social media page, Mud notes it is a certified B corporation. Bert van Son founded the company in 2012 after working in the fashion industry for over 30 years and recognized that changes need to be made, pushing style behind sustainability at full force. 


Bamford is a clothing and homeware line that focuses on the idea of mindful craftsmanship to promote products to get customers more in touch with nature. 

Bamford was also given the Butterfly Mark in 2020 by Positive Luxury, a distinction that verifies their efforts in sustainability and promoting a positive view of nature. 

Creating products that use textile materials that are organically farmed and traced as well as packaging that is 100% recyclable gives them even more credibility.  

The brand’s social media presence strongly demonstrates their practices of environmental mindfulness and aligns well with the desire for a cleaner earth. 


Scout Goods is a California-based company that creates clothing pieces from deadstock fabrics through sustainable practices. 

The mission at Scout is to design items that can be passed down to future generations, avoiding fast fashion trends that limit the longevity of clothing. 

Scout also emphasizes the importance of paying fair wages and giving benefits to their team, in order to push clean business practices. 

Creating clothing sets, dresses, and skirts that are timeless and limit the use of wasted materials represents their overall focus on sustainable practices. 

If Only If

If Only If, a sleepwear company started in 2011 by Issy Falkner, was recently passed down to daughter Emily Cambell in 2020. 

This family-focused and earth-conscious brand refuses to mass-produce products, and this slow creation process allows for greater sustainability.

If Only If’s nightgowns are made from 100% natural materials, utilizing Indian cotton and silk to create these pieces. 

The company ensures that in its small production environment, it is heavily focused on healthy working conditions, good pay, livable wages, and insurance. 


Evarae is a sustainable resortwear company that creates swimsuits from recycled nylon from plastic waste found in the ocean. 

The company also creates digital printing designs that are much easier on the environment than methods with larger quantities of colors and dyes. 

Evarae’s packaging is also fully recyclable and biodegradable, further adding to its emphasis on environmentally friendly practices. 

The vibrant swimwear is made with materials that are ensured to last much longer than fast fashion wear, with ethical ideals and practices set into place as well. 

The next time you scroll through your Instagram feed, give a few of these brands a look if you want to shift away from single-use fashion and be a more sustainable-minded consumer. 

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