5 alternatives to your regular playlist for studying 

By Jana Campbell ***

There are usually two types of people while studying – those who listen to music and those who don’t. 

Listening to contemporary hits while studying can be very distracting because of the lyrics in a song.

Nevertheless, complete silence can be exhausting, especially after studying for so long.

Instead of listening to nothing, here are five alternatives to your typical music choices that will get you in the mood to learn. 

Baroque music

Similar classical music but with a faster beat is baroque, and it’s ideal for studying.

Before judging baroque as boring, this music moves at 50-80 beats per minute and permits focus and deep concentration.

In addition to its usefulness, baroque music also improves your mood.

My favorite baroque musician to listen to while studying is Yo-Yo Ma, a world-renowned cellist.

Nature sounds

Who doesn’t love the sound of the waves, birds singing, and crickets chirping? 

The brain especially loves the sound of nature because it reduces anxiety. 

The sound of nature is calming, which is nice when dealing with high-stress levels from schoolwork. 

Listen to this collection of nature sounds next time you study, and let the sounds keep you at ease. 


Stress is a significant factor in studying. Studies have shown that jazz music improves focus, memory, and mood. 

Jazz is complete with many different instruments in one song, and while the brain tries to recognize each note, it enhances itself in doing so. 

A jazz playlist I find therapeutic to listen to while studying is coffee shop music.

Instrumental music

When choosing the right song, consider picking one you aren’t familiar with. 

Not knowing the lyrics to a song doesn’t allow you to hum along and, therefore, no distractions. 

The rhythm of instrumental music is excellent in any genre: country, metal, electric, and hip hop. 

A sign that you’ve chosen the wrong song is when you start dancing. The brain focuses on the music, not the one thing it should be on–studying.  

Ambient sound

Many studies have found that ambient sound improves performance by reducing stress and anxiety. 

Ambient noise is not to be confused with sleep music, and it has proved to increase brain power and focus

Ambient sound doesn’t have much musical variety so it could be the most boring out of all of the suggestions. 

Still, you’d rather not have your concentration interrupted when studying.

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