7 things they don’t teach you in high school

College life can be grand with all the freedom it affords, but there are a few surprises that might have been nice to find out about before actually getting to college – including that it’s not all about the parties. Read on for my seven things you should learn – but usually don’t –  in high school […]

9 reasons that enchanting tale of ‘College’ is misleading  

It’s a common story to tell America’s youth that college will be the best four years of their lives. Movies have been made about the ravishing college experience where the only problem the main character faces is whether he will get a kiss from the shy nerd who magically becomes beautiful as soon as her […]

Study drugs still common among students

“Study drugs” may be good for pulling an all-nighter, but students admit there are downs that come with the ups. From studying for the SAT in high school to taking college exit exams, students for years have been delving into the world of the study drug to reach new heights in concentration highs by obtaining […]