7 ways to get around downtown Charleston, South Carolina

By Grace Catlin Traveling from one point to another in a city can be challenging. In Charleston, South Carolina, there are a few options of transportation, and newcomers may find difficulty maneuvering downtown. In an attempt to save Charleston’s own and visitors from transportation struggles, I made a ranked list. This list has a form […]

7 local non-touristy hot spots to visit in Charleston

Planning a trip somewhere new is always exciting, but finding the “best spots” can serve as a challenge. Over the past few years, Charleston has repeatedly earned the title “No. 1 U.S. City,” bringing in tourists from around the world. Those of us lucky enough to live here have learned the best local spots to […]

Five things that make the best window boxes in Charleston

Among the beautiful houses that make up a portion of downtown Charleston are window boxes.  Window boxes serve as a decorative and beautiful part of the historic community, adding pops of color and flair to the outside of homes, some of which date back to 1830.  But there are some defining characteristics that make a […]

5 things to love about Charleston

Charleston is known as a beautiful city with such rich historic charm. The city has captivated attentions from travelers around the world and attracts approximately 5 million tourist  each year. In return, Charleston has been ranked the No. 1 city in the United States by Travel + Leisure for six consecutive years. Maybe it is […]

Nine haunted sites downtown with spooky stories

Downtown Charleston is filled with history, and along with history comes many haunted locations with lots of  paranormal activity. But have you ever heard some of the actual stories about these locations? This list contains nine haunted places and the stories of their paranormal activities that will have you on the edge of your seat. […]

Transportation woes linger in the Holy City

Getting from point A to point B in Charleston is not as easy as it used to be. Transportation is a crucial part of everyone’s lives. But in Charleston, transportation has a threefold importance often overlooked. It plays a major role in not only the financial development of the city but also in its social and cultural […]

Students don’t feel so safe around downtown Charleston

With limited lighting around downtown Charleston and a fair amount of crime near campus, College of Charleston students don’t always feel so safe. by Tyler Day, Kevin Gao and Tess Viergever

From ‘Southern Charm’ to Holy City ghosts, Charleston makes for great video

Whether it’s the on-going cruise ship controversy or the easy-to-ridicule ‘Southern Charm’ reality TV show, Charleston has a few blemishes. But mostly, this city and its downtown school, College of Charleston, have a lot to offer students and residents alike. (Word of caution, though – you may want to build your own bomb shelter if you […]

Move. To. Charleston. Now.

  Pulsating nightlife, great beaches, festivals every weekend…there are so many reasons to visit the Holy City. Here are 13. by Emily Deal

Can’t find parking? Ride your bike

Charleston, S.C., is a web of tiny, one-way streets often clogged with tourists or fellow students. As if that weren’t enough, parking in Charleston is either non-existent or expensive. Bikes offer a solution for the frustrations of navigating downtown streets, and they are a popular choice for locals and students. But riding a bike downtown […]

Street kayaking fun? Yes, but Charleston must solve downtown flooding problems

College of Charleston professors and students would agree that attending class is crucial to a successful academic experience. In downtown Charleston, however, this is easier to say than do after a big rain, according to many CofC students. The College of Charleston is centrally located in downtown Charleston, a city with a long history of flooding. This […]

11 (totally you) charming places to get hitched in Chucktown

by Christina Piperato Having the perfect wedding is every bride-to-be’s dream. Aside from having the ever-so-stunning dress and handsome groom, the next most important thing is locating the perfect location for your wedding. Check out 11 of the most charming wedding locations in and around the local Charleston area.

Charleston’s got charm – some call it swag – like you’ve never seen

If you know anything about this top city in the world, you know Charlestonians have a long history of enjoying themselves.  In 1770 the famous French author J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur visited a much younger Charles-Town, and wrote, “The inhabitants are the gayest in America. The rays of their sun seem to urge […]

10 reasons we love College of Charleston

We’ve got history, cobblestone, Spanish Moss, unbelievable food (pricey, but still unbelievable), great nightlife and the beach. Are you kidding me…why go anywhere else? See the Storify by Nicole Lubel.