5 most hated Bachelor/ Bachelorettes and contestants

By Chloe Cunningham

The popular reality television show “The Bachelor” has led to some amazing love stories that all of Bachelor Nation will never forget.

Although the show is designed to give people a chance at finding the love of their lives, it wouldn’t be the same “Bachelor” we all know and love if there weren’t any drama.

There are several infamous bachelors and bachelorettes as well as contestants that really made their mark on all of Bachelor Nation – but not always in the best way.

Season 5 Bachelor Jesse Palmer

Jesse Palmer, who you may know better as the host for Season 26 of the show with Clayton Echard, was infamous for giving out a rose at the rose ceremony to a woman that he didn’t mean to because he called her by the wrong name.

He then had to recant his decision and tell the woman he had used the wrong name and that her rose was actually for someone else. But to make it worse, Palmer gave her the choice to stay and continue to try to build a connection because he felt bad for her. 

The embarrassment and disrespect shocked all of Bachelor Nation as he was too lazy or incompetent to correctly remember all of his contestants names. 

This scene from “The Bachelor” has gone down in history as one of the most humiliating and insulting things to ever happen on the show. No matter how long ago it happened, this catastrophic moment will never be forgotten. 

Season 25 Contestant Victoria Larson

Victoria Larson, better known as “Queen Victoria,” immediately showed her very big personality and opinionated nature.

When Larson emerged from the limo on Season 25 of “The Bachelor” with Matt James wearing a crown and instantly introduced herself as “Queen Victoria,” Bachelor Nation knew that she “would be a royal pain in the ass.” 

“Queen Victoria” would stop at nothing to get the attention she wanted from James by making up stories that other women were bullying her, including her roommate in the house, Marylynn. By trying to make Marylynn look bad, Larson had high hopes of getting James to feel sorry for her.

She often made snide comments toward the other women in the house to make them uncomfortable in hopes they would leave the show and make James her “king.”

Season 18 Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis was a contestant on Season 9 of “The Bachelorette” and was later chosen to be the Bachelor for Season 18. 

Galavis is known for being the most hated bachelor in all of Bachelor history because he constantly made rude and insensitive remarks that he tried to claim that he didn’t mean, blaming it on “poor English” and being Latino.

Galavis was called out by contestant Clare Crawley on Season 18 of “The Bachelor” for whispering something extremely disturbing to her on their last and disastrous date, “I love f-ing you but I don’t know you”. 

He spoke to women in such a disrespectful and distasteful manner that Crawley was praised by all of Bachelor Nation for standing up to him and letting the world know exactly what kind of man he really was.

Along with his poor choice in words and actions, he used other vile language such as the “r” word several times on live television and gave the show grief about ever having a gay bachelor.

Season 26 contestant Shanae Ankney

Shanae Ankney from Clayton Echard’s season of “The Bachelor” was known for her impressive yet manipulative acting skills and goal to rid Echard of as many women as possible no matter the cost.

Ankney made some interesting comments behind the scenes as she admits to fake crying and using “amazing acting skills” to convince Echard to get rid of several of the other contestants based on her made-up stories. 

Ankney was clearly a sore loser as she appeared back to the set on a group date – one she wasn’t supposed to be on – and proceeded to yell at multiple women on the date for talking about her. She then took their trophy they had won from their group date earlier that day and threw it into a pond.

She constantly made up lies about multiple women thinking that she would have a better chance with Echard by playing the victim – no matter how many times other women came forward to tell Echard the truth about her manipulative ways.

Season 26 Bachelor Clayton Echard

Finally, Echard himself, who is known for his very confused and skewed definition of love that left all of Bachelor Nation in shock by the way he treated some of the women.

Although Echard had been informed by multiple women about the vicious actions and comments by Ankney, he was convinced she was the victim. This led to a negative energy in the Bachelor mansion for way too long due to his closed-mindedness and arrogance.

Echard made the decision to sleep with two of the three women left, which turned out to be a disastrous decision as it upset each of the women, including Susie Evans – the one he supposedly wanted to be with.

Echard constantly played with everyone’s emotions, feeding them false hope of a future. Even when he knew he wanted Evans the most, he still tried to convince the other two women to stay.

Echard tried to fight for Evans, but she couldn’t get past his earlier betrayal and decided to leave him. He proceeded to break up with both of the other women left in the final week at the exact same time. 

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