Stories in motion

Local artist found her creative outlet later in life

by Madison Shaffer, Lauren Potter & Grace Samuelson

Many social norms are outdated and silly

by Sidney Harper & Morgan Khrongold


Cougars’ men’s hoops partied like it was 1999

by Holley Toppa, Kaylor Davis & Julian Kushnick

Charleston residents not happy with parking meter increase

by Maggie Leddy, Stevie Lowman and Chrissy O’Farrell

See why CofC students love Saffron Bakery

by Hannah Terry & Natalie Lennon

NeW Club on campus gives conservative women a voice

by Jessica Parks & Rebecca Steele

Studying abroad provides unique experience to enhance education

by Adina Belsagic and Anna Burgess

CofC students speak out on gun control issue

by Alexis Rizzolo & Margret Vickrey

Student eating habits decline once they come to college

by Melanie Rocha and Marie Forehand



Climb into action with the CofC climbing club

by Coleman Ott, Noah Wagner Belk & Megan Doherty

CofC student organizes education week about sexual assault

by Daisy Rhoad & Mariam Bello-Ogunu

What does it mean to vote ‘Libertarian?’

by Jane Stoudemire & Kerri Grana

Road to the Tourney: Cougars reach March Madness

by Emma Fields and Emily Thistle

How important is fitness to CofC students?

by Tory Vanderbeck & Dominic Romano

Dealing with stress not easy for college students

by Kyle Purvis, Katie Penwell & Mariana Restrepo

Tourists continue flocking to CHS; what will that mean for CofC?

by Katherine Lawrence and Elizabeth Cochran

Students weigh in on their favorite Holy City eats

by Anna Redd & Maddie O’Brien

Why out-of-state students choose the College of Charleston

by Michaela Connell & Lexie Brown

King Street shopping changes with opening, closing of several stores

by Brette Driesell, Alekcis Ewane & Tai Waugh

How CofC students cope with flooding in Charleston

by Amalee Brown & Michelle Rand

The Charleston coffee scene lowdown

by Chelsey Szlam, Ryan Bronstein & Reagan Loftis

Are you social media obsessed?

By Shelby Cason & Mikayla Ceraso

CofC students not sold on campus dining halls

by Sarah McKay & Grace Patton

CofC students looking for more affordable exercise options

by Mary-Riley Clayton & Caroline Kelly

How well do you know Charleston?

by Morgan Foley & Haleigh Donovan


What do Charlestonians know about global warming?

by Evie Needle & Genevieve Garland

Is ‘Fake News’ a problem?

by Shelby Geiger & Tristin Poole

Athletic attendance at CofC is too low

by Tanisha Brown and Bonnie Hansley

Get your OCMP at COFC

by Emily Ludington & Sean Maierhoffer

Students have mixed opinions on horse-carriage rides in Charleston

by Karson Terrell & Abby Tierney

Sarcasm is king with professor Chris Noland

by Grace Benigni, Savannah Crocker & Laura McDermott

Rat infestation closes down two CofC dining halls

by Bailey Laskowski & Kristen Kornbluth

CofC mascot joke on April Fools’ Day is not funny to some

by Ali Bartow, Cara Heissenbuttle & Ashlynne Weagraff


Are you smarter than a Cougar?

Are you ready for Cougar Hoops ’13-’14?

Second Sundays popular for locals, CofC students

King Street on a college student budget


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