Five best sustainable fashion brands on social media

By Ellie Evans Changing our fashion narrative to being one where we invest in clothing items that are ethically made as well as serve a larger purpose is becoming trendy. And it’s a good thing. Our climate crisis is real, and brands that care about their impact on the planet are the ones we need […]

Fashionably ethical: A dive into the downside of fast-fashion and how you can help

Fast fashion has taken the world by storm since the 1980s. Companies like Zara, Forever 21 and H&M are all known for offering affordable, stylish clothing nationwide. Millions of people flock to these stores in order to get great deals on pieces, looking fashionable while not breaking the bank. There’s an underlying issue with this […]

Five must-haves to survive colder weather

As winter finally begins to appear in the Lowcountry, you have to get prepared for such a shift. And while this shift means packing away the crop tops and bringing out the turtleneck sweaters, bracing for the chill requires effort. Colder weather has its many pros. The opportunity to bury yourself in multiple blankets and […]

The seven best outfits from ‘Sex and the City’ for every day of the week

“Sex and the City” is an iconic television series that set trends in the fashion industry and promoted females to have open conversations about sex and love. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda became beloved characters that people could identify with. Many of the classic looks are still relevant in fashion and can be seen on […]

6 of the best fashion trends for 2017

Fashion is always evolving, and spring is the time to see what is trending. The Fashion Weeks in Paris, New York City and Charleston have come and gone, but the weather has shifted and it’s time to get out those spring wardrobes and freshen them up. The trends of 2017 range from being fashion forward […]

How to dress for Charleston weather

Charleston is known for its beautiful weather, but in every season there are some things to consider while getting dressed for the day. Whether it’s being ready for random weather changes or staying prepared for a spur-of-the-moment beach trip, here are a few wardrobe tips for an entire year in the Holy City. by Laura […]

What everyone who works in retail knows all too well

Working in retail can be described as bittersweet. It’s amazing to constantly be around new fashions and employees who are just as passionate about it as you are. On the downside, the customers don’t always share this passion. Rather the passion they seem to hold is how to mess up the store as much as […]

Fall weather is finally here; make sure your wardrobe is in fashion

Fall is here, and it is finally starting to feel like it in Charleston. To make sure you are hitting the streets in style,  here is your complete guide to a closet full of 11 fall essentials to embrace the chilly mornings and the warm afternoons of the Holy City. by Olivia Griswold  

7 reasons New Jersey is the best state

Being from New Jersey often gets us a bad rap. People from other states associate our beautiful state with the GTL and partying of the cast on the “Jersey Shore”. Those of us who live there know this is untrue – and here are just a few reasons why:   Every American loves Bruce Springsteen. But being […]

Sporting fall fashion without amassing credit card debt

Being stylish requires keeping up with a lot of trends, knowing where to shop and having a pretty steep bank account. Or does it? It is quite possible to be a fashion star without going broke. I promise. Read on for some outfit ideas plus costs to prove you don’t have to be rich to be a fashion […]

How to be a fashionista on a college budget

For some people, clothes are merely a societal norm. For others, like myself, they represent a realm of possibilities, and a way to express yourself without using words. I am not embarrassed to say clothes are among my favorite things. Many people have the false presumption that in order to look stylish and trendy, their wardrobes […]

15 things to know before going abroad

– by Hannah Charney Europe is just across the pond, and while it may seem like their way of life is pretty similar to ours, there are a lot of differences you should know about before making the trip. Four College of Charleston students studying in France and Italy weigh in to provide you with these […]

Dear professors, the 80s called and want their fashion back

OK, we get it professors – you are extremely busy planning your syllabi and grading papers, while trying to  have a life outside school at the same time. But were you really that busy being nerds all your lives that you didn’t consider obtaining a fashion style? Even at your best, most of you attempt […]

CofC #girl problems

Ten problems encountered by your average College of Charleston girl, including Sabatinos pizza in your bed and having a closet full of designer rain boots. #ugh See the Storify by Lexi Rider and Ashley Bell. Related articles Campus Spottings (