Is technology actually making American society more anti-social?

Technology is supposed to make society more connected. We can constantly stay in touch with our smartphones in the palm of our hands through texting, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and many other outlets. But is talking face-to-face becoming ancient history thanks to this technology? Social media has become a primary form of communication. Yet, as we […]

17 best emojis and the perfect times to use them

A picture can say a thousand words, but an emoji can relay a thousand feelings. Sometimes it’s easier to insert an emoji than type out exactly what you’re thinking. In a world digital communication, many times texts can be misinterpreted. Why type out that you’re not feeling well when the doctor emoji will suffice? How […]

7 reasons communication majors should learn photography

Photography makes your life better, plain and simple. It can help you both professionally and personally. Here’s why you should try it out. 1. It’s easy to learn. Thirty years ago, being a good photographer meant sitting for hours in the darkroom and buying a bunch of expensive gear. Now, thanks to digital cameras, learning […]

Are phones getting in the way of … y’know…talking?

by Odell Funicelli, Gabby Fabbri & Sam Mills

5 reasons you should be listening to podcasts

Podcasts get a bad rap, mostly because a lot of people don’t know exactly what they are. A podcast is simply a digital audio file available on the Internet. It is a common misconception that a podcast can only consist of a person or group of people talking about dull subject matter. While this may […]

10 Best Apps for College

Tablets are becoming the computing device of choice among college students because they are smaller, lighter and less expensive than laptops. Using a tablet also gives you access to that brand’s app store.  Apps are cheap and you can add or delete them at your convenience. There are over one million apps to choose from […]