5 questions every woman must ask before packing  

by Melissa Morello With spring break trips around the corner, it is about that time to start considering the most essential part of the trip – packing. This process, if executed correctly, can be a tedious and complicated endeavor, seeing as successful packing tactics include extreme attention to detail in order to occupy one’s suitcase […]

Dear professors, the 80s called and want their fashion back

OK, we get it professors – you are extremely busy planning your syllabi and grading papers, while trying to  have a life outside school at the same time. But were you really that busy being nerds all your lives that you didn’t consider obtaining a fashion style? Even at your best, most of you attempt […]

CofC #girl problems

Ten problems encountered by your average College of Charleston girl, including Sabatinos pizza in your bed and having a closet full of designer rain boots. #ugh See the Storify by Lexi Rider and Ashley Bell. Related articles Campus Spottings (eastcoastgypsy1.wordpress.com)