9 easy ways to survive the ‘sophomore slump’ in college

Sophomore year is like the middle child in the family – the excitement of starting your freshman year is over, but the thought of graduation is nowhere in sight.

The idea of stressing over tests and essays for the next three years seems exhausting.

Almost all college students go through this dreadful “sophomore slump,” but there are a few surefire ways to push through.

Get involved on campus

Some people think clubs and extracurricular activities are only for freshmen, but the reality is the more you get involved with your school, the more opportunities will come your way.

Whether you get involved with a greek organization, club sport, student government, or academic group, the relationships developed help create a network of friends as well as provide you with people who have similar interests.

Take advantage of school services

One of the most stressful parts of sophomore year is declaring a major – how are students supposed to decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives before they turn 20?

The good news is that there are people in college who are there to help you figure that out.

Whether you have questions about what classes to take, struggling in the classes you are taking right now, trying to find an internship, or are just all around lost, college campuses are full of resources including advising, tutoring, and counseling.

Instead of stressing, talk to advisors, counselors, or professors to talk about career opportunities, internships, etc.


Remember in elementary school when playground time was mandatory?

But then you grow up and exercising becomes the lowest on your to-do list.

Exercise needs to remain part of your routine to help you reduce stress and anxiety, improve self-confidence, and be outside.

Eat healthy

Living on a college student budget can make eating healthy difficult – the dining hall does not always have the best options, and sometimes ramen is faster than cooking a full meal

But when your body is not receiving the proper nutrients it can cause a lack of focus, energy loss, as well as other serious health issues.

Most college campuses today are working on improving the nutrition in their food and creating clubs to help teach good eating habits.


We’ve all pulled at least one all-nighter during our college career.

Sometimes as college students we think we are above sleeping, either staying up late to finish a paper, or partying on a Saturday night, we believe we can power through, until the inevitable crash.

At the end of the day, sleep refreshes the mind and can actually make you smarter, so sometimes a power nap is better than studying.

Get involved off campus

By sophomore year most students have a car on campus, which means freedom to explore off campus.

Use this time to try something new – explore new destinations, meet new people, and make new connections

Getting off campus can help you unwind and not stress about college for just a moment.

Even if not all of us are able to drive to the beach in less than thirty minutes, there are always local hangouts to seek out.

Make time for yourself

Although this might seem contradictory, taking time for yourself can have major benefits.

If you are anything like me, being around people 24/7 can be exhausting.

Take a couple hours a week to focus on yourself and unwind, allowing your body to recharge.

Organize/time management skills

One of the best parts of college is getting to make your own schedule.

But this also means building time management skills.

Use a planner or calendar to help you keep track of important deadlines so you won’t stress about forgetting an assignment, and can space out when to work on projects.

My favorite thing to do is color coordinate my schedule for the week.

Stay positive

Sophomore year isn’t a walk in the park.

Some days you will feel like the world is at your fingertips and you have everything figured out, then the next moment you feel completely lost and alone.

But stay positive and focused, keep your head forward, and you will succeed.


by Michelle Rand

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