5 ways to get your makeup fleeky

Finding the perfect makeup look that works best for you can be extremely exhausting, and it is very easy to critique an awful makeup job. Is it too cakey? Is it too bright? Does the makeup look as if you’re dead in a casket? These are all problems women face in the world of cosmetics, […]

6 reasons why women still aren’t lifting weights

Ladies, do you walk straight to the cardio equipment when you enter the gym? Society has created a stigma that women shouldn’t lift weights, so much so that the majority of women have internalized thoughts that weights are manly and weights are only for men. The reason society has adopted this mentality stems from deep-rooted […]

4 ways dress code shaming is harming our young girls

Beauty is ever-changing in American society. It is an abstract social construction that media continues to promote in order to advertise products and raise consumer consumption. The pressure girls experience to fit the idolized body of the time isn’t a new phenomenon, but it has gained coverage through “real beauty” campaigns due to the noticeably […]

4 reasons you should ‘Lean In’ to fight for equality for women

Women across the country are banding together to fight for equality thanks to Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer. Sandberg is taking a big step beyond her job with the release of her new book and foundation, “Lean In.” This movement is aiming to encourage and help women to reach the top tiers of the […]

CofC students support message of ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign

by Amelia Aktar & Taylor Mackey

Supporting – and understanding – feminism two different things

Ask students if they support feminism in theory and many do. But ask them to define it, let alone identify with it, and the understanding breaks down pretty quickly. by Laura Cergol, Kaylin Foard and Taylor Shawver

Traditional Disney women are actually badass

As an indoctrinated child of traditional Disney films, I wanted to love “Frozen.” But I did not love this movie. Why? Because the magic in movies like “The Lion King” and “Aladdin” was nowhere in sight. It had been put aside for the rise of a politically correct world. A world that embraces feminism and has no […]

5 questions every woman must ask before packing  

by Melissa Morello With spring break trips around the corner, it is about that time to start considering the most essential part of the trip – packing. This process, if executed correctly, can be a tedious and complicated endeavor, seeing as successful packing tactics include extreme attention to detail in order to occupy one’s suitcase […]

When you just need to say ‘No’ to a second date

I recently made a new rule – always say “yes” to a first date. But the second date is totally up for grabs, and it’s more than acceptable to say, “no.” After all, you should start a relationship the way you’d like it to look in 10 years, and if you know that second date […]