5 ways to get your makeup fleeky

Finding the perfect makeup look that works best for you can be extremely exhausting, and it is very easy to critique an awful makeup job. Is it too cakey? Is it too bright? Does the makeup look as if you’re dead in a casket? These are all problems women face in the world of cosmetics, […]

3 luxury beauty items worth the extra cash

Just like any other college student, I’m constantly trying to save money and find the best bang for my buck. When it comes to beauty products and makeup, the CVS on George Street usually does the trick. But there are three luxury products I religiously cough up the cash for because they are truly transforming, […]

8 steps to achieve a flawless face

Let’s face it, we are all hormonal, pimple-faced human beings who work tirelessly to make something of ourselves – and by the end of the day, stress still rules all. And our skin is the first to let us know. Our face is our first impression, so why not take care of it?! You may […]