4 reasons you really should pay attention to politics

As Americans, we are the voices that drive our country. Many people seem to forget the power they hold when it comes to our government. Here are the main reasons why we should pay more attention to politics. We’ve all seen Jimmy Kimmel take to the streets of America asking citizens simple questions about current […]

5 things harder to do than register to vote

The 2016 election season is finally over. And given the percentage who didn’t vote compared to 2012, it seems Americans have a lot of work to do when it comes to one of our basic rights in a democracy – the right to vote. All those excuses – “Oh, I’m running late…” or “Wait, I’m […]

Students have opinions on presidential candidates, but how many will actually vote?

by Nadia Wilds and Melissa Pearce

Supporting – and understanding – feminism two different things

Ask students if they support feminism in theory and many do. But ask them to define it, let alone identify with it, and the understanding breaks down pretty quickly. by Laura Cergol, Kaylin Foard and Taylor Shawver