5 ways to get your makeup fleeky

Finding the perfect makeup look that works best for you can be extremely exhausting, and it is very easy to critique an awful makeup job.

Is it too cakey? Is it too bright? Does the makeup look as if you’re dead in a casket?

These are all problems women face in the world of cosmetics, but with these five tips, your makeup appearance will improve instantly.


Prime baby prime

Priming your face could make or break your entire look for the day. Primers create a layer between the skin and the foundation and ultimately make your look last longer! This is a tip that could be very beneficial for those who suffer from eczema because the primer layer protects the skin from becoming irritated.


Colored concealer could be the winner

Whether you suffer from dark spots or redness on your face, colored concealer can fix it all! Each colored concealer has a different job and has the potential of making it look as if there were never any discolorations nor imperfections. It is essential that colored concealers are applied prior to the application of the foundation to ensure a fleeky look.


Slayed brows will move the crowds

What is a complete makeup look without slayed eyebrows? Filling in your eyebrows brings your look together instantly. It is important to only fill in what islacking to keep eyebrows looking natural. Dark thick eyebrows are not fleeky! Once your eyebrows are filled, conceal under the brow bone to end with a crisp look.


Foundation, foundation, foundation

Picking the correct type of foundation is very important. When choosing a foundation, color test on your neck for a more accurate match. Never color test on your face! Depending on your type of skin, the foundation may differ from others. For those with oilier skin, it is better to use a matte-based foundation. This will keep the face from looking extra oily and leave you with a smooth matte look. For those with dryer skin, a dewy foundation would be best because it keeps you  from looking “casket sharp” since the face will be moisturized.


Highlight and contour

One of the biggest mistakes of makeup is believing your entire face is one tone. Knowing what areas of your face are brighter than others is crucial. This will determine which areas should  be highlighted with a concealer brighter than the foundation and which areas should be contoured with a concealer darker than the foundation. After you’ve pinpointed those areas, don’t forget to blend! You never want admirers to be able to see the lines from where you’ve highlighted and contoured. A blended face is a fleeky face.

by Chelsea Jacobs

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