5 reasons the ‘hookup culture’ must end

Ninety-one percent of college students claim their lives are dominated by the “hookup culture,” the more casual dynamic that has taken over today’s dating scene. A hook-up is technically defined as any affectionate physical act with another person, regardless of the level of intimacy, and it can be classified into four different culture types – […]

Tinder still dating app of choice among college students

by Mandie Ronick and Maddie Peralta

When you just need to say ‘No’ to a second date

I recently made a new rule – always say “yes” to a first date. But the second date is totally up for grabs, and it’s more than acceptable to say, “no.” After all, you should start a relationship the way you’d like it to look in 10 years, and if you know that second date […]

Tinder – the next best, or worst, thing?

by Kristen Klimek