The seven best outfits from ‘Sex and the City’ for every day of the week

“Sex and the City” is an iconic television series that set trends in the fashion industry and promoted females to have open conversations about sex and love.

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda became beloved characters that people could identify with.

Many of the classic looks are still relevant in fashion and can be seen on display in art museums.

The series is still watched for inspiration in accessories, clothing, love and life.  So in order to pay tribute to these looks, here are seven outfits needed to make it through the week.

Manolo Monday

Monday is arguably the worst day of the week.

With the carefree spirit of the weekend gone, the day hits like a Birkin bag to the face. Manolo Blahnik is the perfect cure for the Monday blues. An elegant pair of shoes is the best way to address the week with confidence and poise.

After all, it is the iconic look of Carrie Bradshaw.

Tutu Tuesday 

The list and week could not be complete without Carrie’s classic tutu.

Although the ensemble was only featured in the opening credits, it is the most memorable fashion statement from the show.The flirtation of the skirt can make any Tuesday become more vibrant than ever before.

With an outfit as great as this, Tuesday may just become the new Friday.

Way Back Wednesday

The 80s may have had some questionable fashion choices, but it is fun to reminisce on the upbeat and eye-catching pieces.

Carrie’s Madonna-inspired outfit gives colorful meaning to the halfway point in the school week. The usage of bright colors and patterns serves as a reminder.

The only way to make it through the rest of the week is to bring the same dazzling energy 80s clothing provides.

Teal Thursday

Samantha’s teal outfit is a bold fashion statement that is able to brighten any room.

On this episode, the girls go to Los Angeles to escape New York. Samantha takes a risk by leaving the city and color-blocking, especially with an outfit made of leather. Ultimately she makes a trendy outfit and inspires others to take chances into the unknown.

Whether it be fashion forward or personal risk, Samantha reminds everyone to be daring.


Fendi Friday

Friday is one of the best F-words, unless Fendi is in the equation.

The combination of the two are destined to make an exciting start to the weekend. Fendi is a classic brand with even more classic bags. Adding a petite Fendi bag to the Friday wardrobe is the only way to fully embrace the weekend, as long as it does not get stolen like Carrie’s purple baguette.


Swimwear Saturday

Saturdays are for trips to the pool and beach with friends. Charlotte’s cherry bathing suit is bound to be a knockout at any casual pool or beach party.

The pattern brings a playful feel and signifies the endless possibilities of the day.

If only every day of the week could feel this good.


Simplistic Sunday

Sunday is the best day to relax and break out a classic little black dress. Simple, chic and flawless is the finest way to conclude the week. Leisure and poise has never looked this good.

Sunday best has a whole new meaning thanks to Carrie and her understated, yet stylish dress pieces.

by McLean Golden

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