Dear professors, the 80s called and want their fashion back

OK, we get it professors – you are extremely busy planning your syllabi and grading papers, while trying to  have a life outside school at the same time.

But were you really that busy being nerds all your lives that you didn’t consider obtaining a fashion style?

Even at your best, most of you attempt styles that lost popularity decades ago, or even longer.

Having some fashion is not as hard as it looks. You can still do your teaching and research and look good doing it.

“My professor wears button downs and pants and he’s larger,” says CofC senior Jenna Carbone. “The last button down was a little small so like, you could see his stomach hanging over his pants.”

Some of you choose the loosened-tie look that seems to say, “I had to dress up for something important today, but it wasn’t you!”

And then there are those of you who believe matching everything is the best way to go.

”My teacher feels like she always has to wear matching everything,” says senior Diana Amezuca Rodriguez. “Like a pink t-shirt, pink flannel over the t-shirt, pink pants, pink jewelry, pink socks, pink shoes, pink hair scrunchy, pink makeup, pink purse. It was absolutely awful!”

Junior Chrissy Watson had an English teacher who “wore a floor length, super unflattering jean skirt with a jean shirt and open jean jacket with it.”

No one is surprised to hear that students are considerably more fashion-conscious than their teachers.

But believe me, professors, when students are distracted by your outfits, there’s not much learning going on.

“I had a professor who never wore bras, and it was just weird and uncomfortable for everyone,” noted senior Elizabeth Stone.

Junior Madison Walters also had a teacher who wore a very short tight dress and wedge boots. “It was so inappropriate,” she said.

So put away the sweatshirts from your grad school days and avoid these other six major fashion mistakes and you’ll go a long way to keeping your students’ attention.

1. If you are going to wear tight pants make sure that we cannot see your entire lining in your underwear…Oh and look in the mirror before you leave your house (front and back).


2. Just because you get your annual holiday sweater at Sears does not mean it is in style


3. Suspenders and a belt?  Unless you teach social studies, no.


4. Yes, we will all notice that you are  wearing tennis shoes with that suit.


5. Your pants are too short if we can see those amazing socks  you think “make your outifit.”


6. Nothing is wrong with wearing retro gear, but if your shades are from 1987, it’s time to get some new ones. 




C’mon, professors. It would help us concentrate in class if you could just get it together when dressing in the morning. Then maybe, just maybe, we could start to focus on learning rather than staring at your outfit.

-by Gabriela Tena

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