Five must-haves to survive colder weather

As winter finally begins to appear in the Lowcountry, you have to get prepared for such a shift. And while this shift means packing away the crop tops and bringing out the turtleneck sweaters, bracing for the chill requires effort.

Colder weather has its many pros. The opportunity to bury yourself in multiple blankets and wear five layers of socks is just one of them. The items discussed in this list will definitely make this fall, and upcoming winter, more bearable.


Weighted blankets

There has been a lot of discussion in this recent year about weighted blankets. The health benefits include relieving stress and providing nights of decent sleep. With this sudden influx in popularity, weighted blankets fortunately dropped in price. Making them more affordable than ever. They come in a wide array of materials, patterns, and weights. With these blankets, you get the best of both worlds with warmth and weight.



Tangle creations

You’re probably scratching your head at this item. You might think it has no correlation to winter and that it’s just a fidget toy. But tangle toys are a lifesaver during the cold months. Most of us spend time on the computer, whether that be working or playing. No one likes the feeling of freezing, cramping hands. Tangle toys allow you discreetly keep your hands active, warm and cramp-free.


YuYu hot water bottle

These are your basic hot water bottles from the past, except that YuYu Hot Water Bottles are miles longer. You also have the option to choose from many different fabric covers and colors. These hot water bottles are not only for muscle cramps. They work extremely well at warming you up if you can’t get warm on your own. Just fill one up with hot water and you hours of effortless warmness.




Electric blankets

Now this is a item that is commonly requested when it gets cold outside. Warmth you don’t have to work for. Coming in a multitude of materials and colors, you can easily find an electric blanket that fits your needs. Most are now machine washable without hassle, and are made safer than ever. All you have to do is plug it up and set the dial to a temperature most comfortable for you.


The ‘Comfy Hoodie’

The Comfy Hoodie is truly a game changer. It’s basically your most plush and warm blanket, but in the form of an oversized hoodie. It comes with an attached hood and huge pocket in the front. It comes in a few colors like navy blue, burgundy and creme. Perfect for those chilly night.


by Kayla Timmons

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