17 best emojis and the perfect times to use them

A picture can say a thousand words, but an emoji can relay a thousand feelings.

Sometimes it’s easier to insert an emoji than type out exactly what you’re thinking.

In a world digital communication, many times texts can be misinterpreted.

Why type out that you’re not feeling well when the doctor emoji will suffice?

How about when you’re texting your parents for your allowance early this month and you want to add some flare to the text with the money bag emoji?

Behold the list of the top 17 emojis and the perfect times to use them.


“Praise” emoji

When your best friend texts you that Chipotle has BOGO tacos.

Or when you wake up Saturday morning with your phone, debit card and wallet.

Thumbs-up emoji

When your grandma finally gets an iphone and will not stop texting you. Or when you’re too lazy to type out “okay”(we’ve all been there).


100% emoji

When your roommate texts you saying there is left over pizza at home.


Big-eye emoji

When someone tells you a BIG secret and you are at loss for words.


Thinker emoji

Imagine being asked if you would rather have Five Guys or Chipotle for dinner— a HUGE toss up.

Great time for “the thinker.”


The Moon emoji

Honestly, no one really knows when to use this emoji and at what point in time would you need a smirking moon to describe a feeling.

But it is just too cute to not add.


Fire emoji

When your roommate posts an Instagram that you both look good in (very rare).


Money bag emoji

If you get off from babysitting two hours early and the dad pays you instead of the mom – plus you still have time to go out – this is the perfect emoji for you.

Poop emoji

The poop emoji is the “old-faithful” of all emojis.

If you’re like my mom, you mistake this emoji for a Hershey’s Kiss™ with eyes. If you’re like everyone else in the world, this emoji is perfect for hump days and finals week.


Lollipop emoji

If you’re ever stuck on a caption for your sunset Instagram, this is your go-to.


Fist bump emoji

When you and your best friend forget to study for an exam and you both get an A.


Peace sign emoji

When you want to end a conversation but don’t want to be rude.


The camel emoji



Monkey covering his mouth emoji

When you have a secret but you just cant keep it in.


The burrito emoji

Why type out “Hey, want to grab Chipotle  later?” when you can just send the burrito emoji? (and yes, Chipotle is a big part of my life).


Sticking-your-tongue-out emoji

I’m not entirely sure if anyone seriously smiles and sticks out his/her tongue, but for that moment when you do, this works perfectly.


The double heart emoji

Perfect for when you’re feeling the love or are wanting to send double the love to someone else.


by Grace Patton

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