Four realistic changes to make your life easier

The daily schedule of an American college student is a high-paced one. Although everyone has different priorities, sometimes striking a balance between academics, extracurriculars and social events can be difficult. Consequently, we tend to forfeit healthy habits and replace them for convenience. Whether that means pulling all-nighters, reaching for the soda instead of water, or […]

7 all-natural household items you should have at all times  

  Take a look at the products in your beauty cabinets and under your kitchen sink. Now pick up one of the bottles and read the list of ingredients. Odds are you have no idea how to pronounce the majority of them, much less have any idea what they actually are. Many hygienic and household […]

Cheat sheet: Top 5 healthiest eats around CofC campus

Being a college student in a food driven city makes it SO hard to maintain a healthy diet on a regular basis. Fortunately, Charleston is home to some of the most delicious eateries that are sure to help you shed that freshman 15. From salads to smoothies, there are many great health inspired restaurants on […]