Cheat sheet: Top 5 healthiest eats around CofC campus

Being a college student in a food driven city makes it SO hard to maintain a healthy diet on a regular basis.

Fortunately, Charleston is home to some of the most delicious eateries that are sure to help you shed that freshman 15.

From salads to smoothies, there are many great health inspired restaurants on and around campus for students to enjoy.

1. Verde


This is one of the most popular restaurants for fresh salads and wraps with the option of customizing your own meal.

Some great qualities about Verde are its large portions, great price point, and free delivery!

“I’m obsessed with Verde’s salads, cookies, and tasty tomato soup,” said Ashley Lindner, CofC senior.

This awesome greens joint is conveniently located behind the George Street Fitness Center – a perfect post-workout destination!


2. Freshii


Creatively makes healthy food affordable and convenient – greens, quinoa, wraps & pressed juices are its specialties!

Some people consider Freshii to be an extremely healthy version of Moe’s or Chipotle, but with more options such as shrimp, tuna, and seaweed.

“This is my favorite place to go when I want to eat a lot of food and not feel bad about it,” said Tess Swanson, CofC student.


3. Black Bean Co.

black bean co

This King Street eatery is best known for being an energy food stop with organic, all-natural, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Popular menu items are the hummus of the day, the fresh wrap, and strawberry fields salad.

“I love everything this place has to offer – from their friendly service to their scrumptious sandwiches and wraps, it’s a great place for a quick bite,” said Natalie Palmeri, CofC junior.

Black Bean Co. has some of the friendliest staff in the downtown area, with perks for students such as online ordering and free delivery!


4. Five Loaves Café


A fantastic choice for anyone looking for a delicious sit-down meal with a menu filled with healthy choices like smoked salmon, fresh greens, and sautéed veggies.

This adorable café is conveniently located on Coming Street in the heart of a popular off-campus housing area.

Five Loaves has been one of Charleston’s favorite lunch and dinner spots for the past 15 years and even landed a spot in USA TODAY’S 10BEST restaurants.

“Five Loaves is hands down my favorite sit down restaurant in Charleston,” said Paxton Wehunt, CofC senior.


5. Whisk Coffee and Juice Bar


What a fabulous find for those looking to stay away from added sugars, purees and syrups!

This local healthy beverage bar is best known for its house-made granola, pressed juices, salads and energy wraps.

Parfaits are a popular menu item where you can mix and match your base with Greek or vanilla yogurt, choice of two fruits, one crunch mix as well as a topping.

“I’ve only been to Whisk once, and it was honestly one of the better smoothie shops in the area so I’ll definitely be back,” said Brooke Simmons, CofC sophomore.

Whisk is a great spot for a grab-and-go breakfast or quick lunch, and is located on Meeting Street near the market.




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