Four realistic changes to make your life easier

The daily schedule of an American college student is a high-paced one.

Although everyone has different priorities, sometimes striking a balance between academics, extracurriculars and social events can be difficult.

Consequently, we tend to forfeit healthy habits and replace them for convenience.

Whether that means pulling all-nighters, reaching for the soda instead of water, or even forgoing essential workouts because there is simply “no time” – we make bad choices.

What so many fail to address is it’s near impossible to completely transform to a “health nut” lifestyle.

Instead, here are several realistic changes you can implement into daily life.


Avoid the hangover

Skipping alcohol-involved events, such as house parties, is not practical for an average college student.

However, the consequences of the inevitable hangover can ruin essential next-day tasks.

Students often avoid hangovers by eating a substantial amount of breads before consuming alcohol.

But a better idea is to replace that greasy pizza with a piece of salmon or trout.

According to, salmon helps replenish vitamins B6 and B12 that are important to energizing our metabolism.


Don’t skip meals

Myth: Skipping meals helps you lose weight.

Believe it or not, your body will find a way to satisfy the meal you chose to forego.

“An under-fueled body often craves quick glucose, like a sugary snack, in order to provide itself the energy it needs,” says Charlotte Caperton-Kilburn, director of sports .

Eating three balanced meals will avoid this snacking tragedy, and one easy way to measure a full meal is dividing your plate into four quarters.

Be sure to include a grain, protein, fruit and vegetable in each section of your dish.

Skipping meals can even be dangerous to your cognitive health.

“Without a steady supply of nutrients, your intellectual and emotional functioning changes,” says Dr. Maggie Moon from


Incorporate exercise in unexpected situations

Maintaining an active lifestyle is imperative to one’s health, but it’s not always feasible to dedicate an hour a day to exercise.

Try finding little moments within your schedule to incorporate some extra movement. recommends”choosing stairs over the elevator, driving your car to the farthest parking spot and turning household chores into exercise.”

These continuous improvements will eventually lead to a huge impact.


Wake up earlier

There is a reason why the “early bird gets the worm.”

Even if it’s just 30 minutes, this extra time will allow you to ease into for your daily grind.

This is a simple way to jumpstart your metabolism, eat a hearty breakfast and collect your thoughts.

Some of the most successful CEOs religiously wake up before dawn.

According to, “the CEOs of Apple, Twitter and Starbucks all wake up before 6am.”

Although your day doesn’t have begin at that hour, waking up a few minutes earlier can enable a more productive lifestyle.


by Kallie Golicher

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