5 things harder to do than register to vote

The 2016 election season is finally over. And given the percentage who didn’t vote compared to 2012, it seems Americans have a lot of work to do when it comes to one of our basic rights in a democracy – the right to vote.

All those excuses – “Oh, I’m running late…” or “Wait, I’m not even registered…” – are not fooling anyone. It’s time to register to vote.

Midterm elections, county referendums and local elections are just as important as – if not more than – the general election, and often come around once a year.

So don’t be that voter who sits the next one out.

You know that feeling when you’re left out of an inside joke? Being the third wheel? Yeah.


Whatever the excuse, nothing is quite as precious as your vote and your voice.

So, get out, get registered and get to those polls.

Getting registered to vote is quite simple.

Here’s a list of five things you probably never knew were harder than registering yourself to vote:

Creating an account on Netflix


Yep, that’s right – that magical streaming app we’ve all come to love so much that we’ve turned it into a verb. Creating an account on there takes about 10 minutes, maybe 5 if you’re lucky enough to have an ‘auto fill’ feature. Why not use that time to check and see if you’re registered?

Locating your lost remote

53497-69133-jackson-brianna-nov-10-2016-1203-am-remote2You know that feeling when you lose your remote and ultimately decide there won’t be any Netflix or chilling tonight? Might as well make good use of the quiet time and get registered. #Murica

Talking to Siri

53497-69133-jackson-brianna-nov-10-2016-1203-am-siri3Dealing with Siri’s digital attitude can be difficult to say the least. Teaching the virtual assistant your name, and how to recognize your voice seems to be quite a momentous challenge for her. Ease your mind and plug into the state election commission to learn the do’s and dont’s of your particular polling location.

Creating the perfect station on pandora

53497-69133-jackson-brianna-nov-10-2016-1203-am-personal4Pandora is really neat, right? Users are able to create a music station tailored to their own music taste. Imagine if you could customize the government in a similar fashion, but based on your own personal beliefs? Well, you can – as long as you’re registered to vote! Read The Customization Of You to learn more about the science behind this hyper-customization phenomenon.

Saying your ABCs backward

53497-69133-jackson-brianna-nov-10-2016-1203-am-abc5Reciting the ABCs backward was a form a sorcery back in the day. Now it’s just weird. Or maybe you know how to do that fancy trick with your tongue. Regardless, getting registered to vote would be a much better use of your time.


We Millennials know how much we love personalization. Fortunately, we live in a country where we have the power to elect our public servants.

So let’s use our voices to personalize these elections, and show up to vote whenever we get the chance to. Get registered today!

by Brianna Jackson


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