4 reasons you really should pay attention to politics

As Americans, we are the voices that drive our country. Many people seem to forget the power they hold when it comes to our government. Here are the main reasons why we should pay more attention to politics.

We’ve all seen Jimmy Kimmel take to the streets of America asking citizens simple questions about current political issues. Most participants answer the questions so painfully wrong, it’s hard not to laugh.

It seems that Americans have little to no clue of what’s going on in the political realm.

We are one of the least active voting populations among developed countries.

This is a problem. In a country based on democracy and freedom, it seems we have forgotten the importance of exercising our right to vote.

We now live in a society where it has become more important to keep up with the Kardashians than to keep up with who is running our country.

Being better educated about the leaders and policies that make up this country will help shape a more united America.


Politics DO matter

Politics involve activities associated with the government including debate among individuals or parties that influence the world we live in.

Many people brush off their lack of knowledge with, “Oh, well I’m not into politics.”

And while sifting through pages of health care policies might not sound appealing to you, it’s important to understand the overall concept.

When a college student was asked why she didn’t keep up with politics she replied, “I’m a biology major, why would I need to?”

Almost everything ties back to politics, even biology.

For example, the debate over abortion largely centers around the biology behind what stage in a fetus is considered a human being.

As an American you have the ability to help shape policies and elect leaders.

We all have a lot more power than we think, which is why it’s so important to have a better understanding of politics.


Politics affect you

Next time you’re sitting on the couch sifting your way through a bag of Dove™ chocolate, watching “The Notebook,” think about why you are able to do such things.

While you may not see the direct implications of a bill being passed, or a special operation mission being carried out, it affects you.

Our Founding Fathers created a country that allows you to become whoever you want under an umbrella of freedom.

So occasionally turning off the Notebook and turning on the news might get you more involved in what’s going on in the world around you.


“I Voted!”

If not for anything else, you might as well vote to get the cute little sticker!

We all seem to take the American voting system for granted.

While standing in line listening to the guy behind you talk about how he knows everything about politics might not be ideal, it is worth it.

In a CNN poll, only 55.4 percent of eligible voters voted, the lowest turnout since 1996.

Voting is where you as a citizen can make the biggest impact and exercise your rights.


Make the difference

Politics shouldn’t be looked at as a group of old men bickering over each other.

YOU are politics! As an American, we have the freedom to be very involved in government affairs. Our country is set up in a way that allows anyone to take up a leadership position.

Write a letter to your state representative, sign a petition, propose a law to Congress! You could be the next Olivia Pope!

The possibilities are endless.

by Taylor McGrath

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