5 things harder to do than register to vote

The 2016 election season is finally over. And given the percentage who didn’t vote compared to 2012, it seems Americans have a lot of work to do when it comes to one of our basic rights in a democracy – the right to vote. All those excuses – “Oh, I’m running late…” or “Wait, I’m […]

Millennials among latest demographic eager to own a home

It’s a common misconception that millennials have no interest in saving money or buying property. But recent home-buying trends would prove they actually have lofty goals for doing just that. by Melanie Ropp and Laura Taylor

Our non-newsworthy news and how to stay informed in spite of it

Millennials are often described as uninformed. Many think this generation doesn’t care about current events. But it might not be the Millennials’ fault . . . have you seen the news recently? Alex Housand considers how the abominable news cycle is screwing everyone up for getting trustworthy and useful information. by Alex Housand

Millennials – ditch the keg photos and grow up

– by Dakota Isaacs You’ve heard the news – everyone hates us. While that might be a slight exaggeration, the stereotype of a Millennial isn’t really helping our reputations much. As the younger-end of the Millennial generation approaches its entrance into the work force, it’s time to stop whining (as we typically do) and figure […]