Give us the news we want

The public relies on news to be informative and reliable in reporting current events. Recently, the war started by Mother Nature in her assault against Florida and the Caribbean islands during Hurricane Irma captured audience’s opinion on relief efforts while distracting from the actual war the United States is in. In the time that Hurricane […]

CofC brings new platform for student expression with ‘The Rival’

by Meredith Wohl & Donovan Taylor

Our non-newsworthy news and how to stay informed in spite of it

Millennials are often described as uninformed. Many think this generation doesn’t care about current events. But it might not be the Millennials’ fault . . . have you seen the news recently? Alex Housand considers how the abominable news cycle is screwing everyone up for getting trustworthy and useful information. by Alex Housand


In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last six months, we’ve got a little international terrorism thing brewing. But it’s impossible to figure out what’s going on when we don’t even know what to call the terrorist group. Is it ISIS? Or ISIL? Maybe just IS?   Oh, WTF…let’s just figure out […]