How a Kanye West fan forum saved the rap genre

Amid a culture saturated with shallow lyrics and electronic pseudo melodies, there appears to be hope for the dismal reality that is our current rap genre. This hope is Brockhampton. This self-proclaimed “boyband” has risen from virtual obscurity to widespread conversation in just a year, after releasing three consecutive albums and more than 10 music […]

Taylor Swift’s top 5 enemies

Taylor Swift is a record- breaking pop star who is extremely talented at what she does. But she also has been known to get herself into trouble with other celebrities. Here are the top five among Swift’s enemies who likely don’t care too much about her latest album release. Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, […]

5 hip hop & rap albums you need to listen to

  As trends come and go, influential hip hop artists continuously thrive. These lyrical geniuses are the creators of fresh, diverse, eclectic rhythms and vocals. Their latest albums encompass their raw, progressive talent, giving listeners a taste of the nuances present in their music. Hip hop and rap are phenomenal genres and the masters of […]

4 times Kanye West has positively influenced the music industry

With his well-documented egotistical persona, rapper-producer Kanye West never seems to be a crowd favorite. In interviews and on social media, Kanye mostly brags about his own accomplishments, which easily turns many listeners off. But what if the music mogul is deserving of his ego? Despite popular belief, the Chicago native has had a positive […]

Students may not know who wants to lead America, but they do know the name of the Kardashian baby

by Lauren Tomes, Mara Fields & Phoebe Singleton