4 ways Trump’s travel ban hurts our communities

President Donald Trump enacted an executive order on Sept. 25 that restricts travel to the United States from eight predominantly Muslim countries.

The controversial travel ban was to go into effect Oct. 18 and would have restricted residents of Chad, Libya, Iran, Syria, Yemen,Venezuela, Somalia and North Korea from obtaining visas.

This newest travel ban comes just nine months after Trump’s initial executive order went into effect Jan. 27.

The first time Trump sought to ban travelers and refugees from several majority-Muslim countries, he was met with protests and harsh criticism.

This time, Trump was able to avoid the backlash he received with the first travel ban through a few changes – instead of barring entry once a traveler lands on U.S. soil, the new travel ban prohibits any resident of the eight countries from attaining a visa through the U.S. Consulate. Through this small change, travelers will no longer be detained and questioned in American airports, which will limit instances of protesting we saw with Trump’s initial travel ban.

With no airport protest fury and no legal challenges this time around, many United States citizens have been unable to recognize that a Muslim oriented travel ban will continue to have a large impact on the country.

The “new and improved” ban will still hurt our communities for a number of reasons  – it will separate families, divide communities, discourage travel to the United States and limit educational opportunities abroad.

Read more on why this will happen if Trump is allowed to go through with his ban.


By Eileen Peters


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