CofC alumna paves her way in the news world on Capitol Hill

As a third-year political science and communication major at the College of Charleston, Caroline Kenny chose to spend her fall semester in Washington, D.C., interning on Capitol Hill. She did not realize the limited scope of her knowledge about the political workings of her country until the first day on the job with the Democratic […]

Our non-newsworthy news and how to stay informed in spite of it

Millennials are often described as uninformed. Many think this generation doesn’t care about current events. But it might not be the Millennials’ fault . . . have you seen the news recently? Alex Housand considers how the abominable news cycle is screwing everyone up for getting trustworthy and useful information. by Alex Housand

International soccer federation responsible for mess in Qatar

The World Cup,  the most-renowned event for professional soccer, is scheduled for Qatar in 2022. Millions of people across the globe will pay attention to this premiere futbol event in hopes of seeing their national team bring home the gold. Anticipating this world stage, Qatar is rapidly trying to fortify its country with postmodern stadiums […]