5 essentials to help be your best self when you’re down

Our lives are like rollercoasters with so many ups and downs and loops and turns.  

Sometimes we feel like we’re on top of the world and can take on anything with confidence, optimism and hope.

But then there are times when downs of the rollercoaster seem to hit us the hardest and the deepest, bringing out our worst selves and stripping us of our best qualities.

During those struggles of daily existence, we often forget to utilize the little sources of healing lying around that can make the biggest differences in clearing our souls of the negativities that come with the 500-foot drops.

These five essentials help in those scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs times so you can enjoy the ride with more ease and be your best self again.



Tea can fix almost anything, especially a scattered brain.

Whether it is the warmth that can ease your mind or the ingredients within, there are hundreds of thousands of teas that can bring so many benefits.

Sometimes nothing can make one feel better than snuggling up with a warm mug in a comfort zone like your porch, bed, or couch surrounded by blankets, candles, or music playing in the background to step back and relax.


Masks. Masks. Masks.

The holy grail essential of relaxation.

You can use them to mask your feelings and reveal the glowing skin covered by any recent experiences of stress, anxiety, or the obvious two hours of sleep you got the night before.

Like teas, there’s an unlimited amount of masks to choose from in any beauty section. Whether you’re looking for something from hydrating to brightening, there’s a mask for it.

Put that mask on and feel like a whole new person.


Yoga mat

Whether it’s a yoga mat or a carpet, pull up YouTube and do your body a favor.

Bringing yoga into your daily routine is essential as it combines your mind, body, and spirit to bring out the best zen in you.

Yoga has a long list of benefits that show outstanding results.

Yoga helps clear the mind by putting all of your awareness on yourself and relieving anything that’s weighing heavy on your shoulders.  



Journaling is a beautiful aspect of the self and is so vital for all individuals.

Write anything you want, and the best part is that you’re the only one reading it. It’s always good to keep a journal for documenting, self-reflecting, and manifesting your hopes, dreams, and goals.

Just watch how much better you feel to have your feelings and thoughts written out instead of scattered all in your head.

After including journaling into your routine, you can watch patterns leading up to how you’ve grown as an individual. It reminds you of your best self and how you got there!



Whatever you’re going through, you can always turn to your good ol’ friend to be there, Poetry.

A good book of poems is a must-have essential to let out what you need to let out, no matter what it is.

The words of poetry pull you in and can assist with anything going on in your life.

The topics are endless, and the words are written from people going through similar situations who can write out the words that we sometimes can’t let out.

Let the emotions kick in, and let the words inspire you to be your best self.


by Melanie Rocha

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