It’s time to love yourself

Ladies, it’s OK to love yourself.


Growing up, most of us were taught that feeling beautiful is considered self-centered, that looking at ourselves in the mirror and telling ourselves we look great is egocentric.

In fact, we often put ourselves down regularly to avoid being thought of as self-centered with.

But developing self-love is actually essential for our well-being and the people that surround us.

As women, we need to care for each other and build one another up.

Instead of finding our flaws and criticizing them,  we should be falling in love with our quirks and finding our strengths.

There is no crime by embracing self love.

Here are seven tips to help you love your authentic self.

Show gratitude

When we wake up in the morning and stare at ourselves in the mirror, the first thing to do is smile and be thankful for the individuals  we are.

Robert A. Simmons, professor of psychology at the University of California, said a grateful attitude tends to make people generally happier.

“If you go through grateful motions, the emotion of gratitude should be triggered. It is like improving your posture and as a result becoming more energetic and self-confident,” he said.

No matter our flaws and imperfections, we should accept them and be grateful for who we are.

Women  are a work of art, but we must believe it and embrace it.


Accept who you are

Your roommate may have amazing blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair, BUT YOU have radiant brown eyes and curvy hips. She may be smart, but you are kind.

We can’t compare  ourselves.

We all have different qualities that make us unique, but we can’t be afraid to put a little bit of ourselves into the world.


Treat yourself

It’s important  to treat ourselves just as kindly and thoughtfully as we treat others.

If we are constantly working and helping out everyone else in our lives, then our energy levels are going to suffer.

We’ll end up completely burning ourselves out and could even become ill.

That’s why we need to treat our mind and body well.

Something as simple as having a relaxing evening with a bath bomb can boost energy levels, and provide a refreshed and positive feeling.

It is when we don’t take a step back that we burn ourselves out.


Keep a diary

We should write what we think of ourselves, like the inside and outside qualities.

Positive affirmations are a key to improving our self esteem. That’s why when positive qualities are written down, it is easier to automatically focus our attention to them.

Often we get caught up in our everyday business and lose track of what is most important. To love ourselves.

Studies show that by writing daily self affirmations, it helps you get to know and value yourself more and it improves your mental health.


Eliminate negative people

We don’t need people in our life who are constantly embarrassing and hurting our feelings.

As Health Magazine reports, recent studies have shown that long-term habits of doubt, hostility and depression are hard to resist when we’re around toxic people.

Remember we are special, and we should love ourselves so much that we should dismiss that negative energy from our life.


Ignore the need for approval

Forget about what other people think.The only thing that truly matters is how we view ourselves. Understand that we have strengths and weaknesses but our strengths can always outdo our weaknesses.

There is  no obligation to give others what they expect.  Period. We should do things because we care, because we  know it’s right.  When we love ourselves,  other’s approval and opinions become irrelevant – as they should.


by Mariana Restrepo Lopez

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