Nine haunted sites downtown with spooky stories

Downtown Charleston is filled with history, and along with history comes many haunted locations with lots of  paranormal activity.

But have you ever heard some of the actual stories about these locations?

This list contains nine haunted places and the stories of their paranormal activities that will have you on the edge of your seat.

From young orphans to pirates, you never know what kind of spirit you may run into in this historic city.

Find out who could actually be the spirits that haunt these various historical buildings of Downtown Charleston.


The Old Exchange Building and Provost Dungeon

This building used to be an old American Revolution prison, holding some of the most dangerous criminals at the time. One was even Blackbeard the Pirate. You are able to visit and tour this historic building, and many who have visited, reported sightings of  light orbs in their pictures and chains located in the dungeon swinging, while others have experienced cold chills in certain spots.  


The Blind Tiger Pub

What once was running as an illegal speakeasy during times of the Prohibition is now a legal and very popular pub located on Broad Street. The building harbors a lot of history and even a few paranormal sightings. Individuals have been said to see a woman in a black dress causing mischief among those who dared to enter the pub. The woman has been accused of pulling customers’ hair out and spooking employees.


Unitarian Church Graveyard

The famous poet Edgar Allan Poe used to meet his lover Annabel Lee, whom he names one of his well-known poems after, in secret because her father had forbid her from seeing Poe romantically. The two continued to meet in secret until Lee died from yellow fever, and even then her father had forbidden Poe from seeing her. Lee’s father had arranged for every grave to be re-dug in the graveyard so Poe would be unaware which grave belonged to Lee.


The Pink House

This eye-catching house has a very elegant and graceful look to it displaying beautiful works of art was once used as a tavern in the 18th century attracting sailors, pirates and prostitutes. On the third floor, a female presence lurks where she can be seen pacing back and forth almost as if she waits for something. Along with this female spirit, The Pink House has frequent paranormal occurrences of windows bursting open, footsteps on the stairs, and spine-chilling feelings as if someone is there with you.


Joe E. Barry Residence Hall

Before Barry Residence Hall was built to provide dorm rooms for students at the College of Charleston, it was previously the site where the Charleston Orphanage house was located before a fire had caused it to burn down, ultimately killing four children. To this day students who reside in Barry say they have heard the sound of small children running around, marbles being played with on the floor, and the faint sound of “ring around the rosie” being sung with no explanation as to where these sounds were coming from. Could it be those four children who died in the fire playing in the halls of this college dorm?


Poogan’s Porch

What once was home to a school teacher and her beloved dog Poogan is now a popular restaurant in downtown Charleston. It is believed the school teacher and her dog still haunt what was once their home. At this restaurant there have been sightings of the woman roaming within her yard, assumed to be the former owner, and customers who sit on the porch often feel as if a dog is rubbing against their legs only to find nothing there. Many think this is the ghost of Poogan rubbing on legs begging for food scraps and pets!


White Point Gardens

This scenic park located next to Charleston’s famous Battery is packed full of beauty, history and paranormal activity. Along with The Civil War and The War of 1812, White Point Gardens was the location where many famous pirates such as Blackbeard and Steve Bonnet, have done their dirty work. Bonnet and his crew of 49 men were deemed guilty at trial and were forced to death by hanging at White Point Gardens. Visitors of the park have claimed to see anonymous faces staring at them from the distance, as well as the image of figures hanging from the trees. Some have even reported seeing the faces of the pirates reflecting in the water.  


Battery Carriage Inn

This Inn was built in the year of 1843 and has gained a lot of history and paranormal energy from the Civil War. If you enjoy a good scare, you can book a room at the Battery Carriage Inn and share a room with a ghost! Rooms 3, 8, and 10 of the Inn all have consistent reports of paranormal activity. While Room 3 has only shown orbs and strange occurrences, Rooms 8 and 10 host some very unique spirits who at times like to show themselves. Room 8 has been known to be the scariest with reports of seeing a growling headless torso, but Room 10 has what the employees call the Gentleman Ghost who enjoys accompanying a few guests who choose to reserve Room 10, those he does not snuggle up with he makes up for it by creating strange occurrences in the room.


Embassy Suites Hotel on Meeting Street

The Embassy Suites Hotel’s architecture often reminds visitors that of The Citadel’s. Coincidentally enough this Hotel was the old location of The Citadel campus up when it was built in 1829. Although the university moved locations they left one Citadel Cadet behind. The ghost of a former Cadet with only half his head haunts the halls of this hotel and has been spotted by visitors.

by Makenzie Morris


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