5 things to love about Charleston

Charleston is known as a beautiful city with such rich historic charm.

The city has captivated attentions from travelers around the world and attracts approximately 5 million tourist  each year.

In return, Charleston has been ranked the No. 1 city in the United States by Travel + Leisure for six consecutive years.

Maybe it is the horse drawn carriages throughout downtown that give off the rustic Southern feel, or maybe it is the fine architecture and artistry that comes from the historic buildings, or it could just be the rich culture of the native Charleston people.

There are so many factors that drive people to Chucktown, but here are just a few of the favorite things many of us love about the Holy City.


Fine cuisine

The Holy City is known for its array of restaurants and amazing chefs and cooks that create a world of wonderful flavors for you to devour.

There is no other place where you can get the freshest seafood, the best deep fried Southern meals, and fine cuisine.

Discover South Carolina has described the city’s greatest places to dine as “flavors to blow your mind.”


Outstanding weather


Down in the deep South, the summer can be gruesome.

The temperature can be in the 80s or 90s but the heat index can push the well into the 100s.

Luckily this works in the locals favor during the fall and winter.

The temperature usually sits between the 50s and rarely goes below freezing.


Variety of things to do


There are fun activities for children like the Charleston Museum or the South Carolina Aquarium, but there is also a lot to do for adults as well.

Downtown Charleston is home to many festivals each year such as the international Spoleto Festival, many music festivals, and the experience of a city tour by horse drawn carriages.

Not only that but shopping is amazing as King Street is flooded with high-end fashion stores as well as cute boutiques that offer the greatest styles.


Exciting night life

King Street, especially Upper King is immersed with clubs, bars and lounges.

The view of downtown is amazing, especially from the rooftop bars.

Charleston’s night life has also been ranked by USA Today.

The live music is one of the many extra gems that come with Charleston’s buzzy nightlife.


Beautiful beaches

there is one thing that Charlestonians love, it is the beach.

There are more than 11 miles of beaches surrounding Charleston and all with a different flavor.

Whether it is surfing at Folly, relaxing at Sullivan’s Island or vacationing at Isle of Palms, the beaches here have a lot to offer.

It is a great place to enjoy the sun and create memories with family, and the local beaches are also surrounded with restaurants that will truly end the day on a good note.

While Charleston is viewed as a beautiful destination for vacation and getaways, the city has more than enough to keep everyone busy and everyday can be a adventure.

by Terrie Booth

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