Inbound marketing is the future and here’s why

Inbound marketing is taking the promotions world by storm, sweeping away everything you thought you knew about advertising. With a focus on creating valuable and relevant content on such free outlets as blogs, search engines and social media, a company’s products or services are becoming more appealing to consumers. The more traditional “outbound marketing” tools […]

Do celebrity endorsements matter in ads? Apparently.

Whether you think celebrity endorsement influences your buying habits or not, these College of Charleston students tend to believe it can. by Olivia Griswold, Morgan Price and Ellinor Walters

In defense of the communication degree

  Every communication major has received the snarky “What are you going to do with that?” question once, twice, or too many times to count during his/her college career. Critics – or more likely business majors – claim it’s too easy to be taken seriously. I beg to differ…and here’s why. by Camilla States