How to live your best life in college

Chances are before college, your parents were overprotective, gave a curfew and were strict in every regard to your life.

Chances are, after coming to college, there is such an abundance of freedom that it is almost scary.

Many people don’t understand what life is like away from home, friends and parents. 

College students are going through a lot, and most are clueless when it comes to taking care of their health and well-being. 

Here are five tips to help you live your best life when school starts.


Proactivity over procrastination

College comes with more challenges than you’ll ever anticipate.

It is crucial to be proactive. Immediately get a planner and fill out class schedules, due dates and other events for the entire semester. Instead of waiting to do laundry the day before parents or friends visit, do a load the moment your bin is full (helpful hint: school laundry rooms are not busy Monday-Thursday each week).

There are many ways to be proactive, and studies have linked proactive students to having higher grades than those who procrastinate. It will make your life easier and college so much happier. 

Good grades or going out?

If there’s a choice between going to a frat party or finishing an assignment due at 11:59 p.m. on Friday night, always choose the later.

College is a time for having fun, but it’s crucial to create a healthy GPA during your first year. It is easier to maintain a good GPA than it is to fix a suffering one.

Students attend college to earn a degree and get a good job, so taking time for school work is time well spent.

Besides, even if there isn’t time to go out after finishing school work, there will always be another party. The feeling of waking up without a hangover Saturday morning is pretty sweet, too. 😉


Screw the stigma!

Students will change their majors several times before graduation, discover how to live with others and have sex!

Being sexually active is completely normal – it is a part of the college experience. It is important to use protection, but mistakes happen.

After every new partner, get tested! There is no shame in choosing healthiness and safety, and STD testing contributes to a positive experience in college.

Have fun, but be aware of sexual exposure risks as you do!


F#ck the ‘Freshman 15’

There’s a rumor that incoming college students gain 15 pounds at the completion of the second semester.

With unlimited access to dining halls and unlimited access to food, of course students will eat more frequently! Dining halls offer an incredible environment to meet new people and eat with friends, so students will stay there for long periods of time. Some students might gain weight and others might not- it doesn’t matter at all.H

ave some fruit or vegetables with each meal to support your immune system, do not panic if you gain weight and be aware that gaining weight can be good!

There is so much stress that comes from moving to a new environment, so whatever brings comfort to your physical and mental well-being is a good thing.


Maintain mental health

Though college can be an incredibly fun experience, students may have a difficult time adapting to a new environment.

Classes can be interactive and interesting, but they can bring added stress to the newness of the college experience.

Upon arrival, some students are diagnosed with a mental health issue that has impacted their lives. Anxiety, depression and ADHD are among the most common of these. A recent study found that 95 percent of college counselling center directors have a growing concern with the number of students facing psychological problems.

Going to counseling is both brave and beneficial, and you shouldn’t ignore signs you could use help. 

No matter what, college is meant to be the most fun and exciting time of your entire life. 

Do not wish for it to be over, enjoy each moment for what it is, go to school-sponsored events for the free t-shirts, drink plenty of water, take your birth control, call your parents once in a while and be patient with yourself as you learn more about the person you’re capable of being. 


by Grace Daughtry


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