5 ways to know you grew up in the Lowcountry   

The Lowcountry has become a bustling tourist destination, but to some of us it’s just home.

It is the place where the smell over the Don Holt Bridge and pluff mud welcome us in.

Where you go anywhere and see everyone.

It’s the place where you went on elementary school field trips along the Intercoastal and had history class walking through historic plantations.

Charleston might be a buzzing growing city, but these are the five ways to know you grew up here.


You know how to Carolina Shag

Summer in Charleston means dusting off your dancing shoes and heading over to Shaggin’ on the Cooper to show you know the state dance.

Yes, we have a state dance, and you aren’t really from here if you don’t know how to do it.

And if you want to be a true pro, you show up to the Windjammer on Isle of Palms every Wednesday to learn from the best.


It’s Family Circle

If you’re from the Lowcountry you remember the Volvo Car Stadium and Volvo Car Open by a different name.

Family Circle Tennis Center is where you grew up playing your tennis tournaments.

And where you learned to play on clay courts.

You’ve watched Serena Williams win the Family Circle Cup multiple times, and if you were lucky, it was the place you got asked to prom.


You’ve been to the James Island’s Festival of Lights every year

Riding through the same lights every year brings so much joy

And you never get tired of picking a favorite display.

While walking around the displays you have never turned down a turn on the carousel because it is tradition of course!

Then you indulge in eating funnel cake until the ground looks like it has snowed because that’s the only way you will have a white Christmas here in the Lowcountry.


You only go downtown when family comes

…but you still enjoy being a tourist in your own town.

You still run through the fountains in Waterfront Park like your five.

And sit on top of the cannonballs by The Battery.

Yes, we have cannonballs in a park, because the first shots of the Civil War were shot right across the harbor on Fort Sumter.

If you’re from here, you proudly walk around sharing the history of your sweet hometown.


Saltwater runs through your veins

The beach is a vital part of your life.

And if you forget that all you have to do is look above your mantle to find the family beach pictures in your matching white and khaki outfits.

But if you’re from here than you know the best time of year in Charleston is winter because that means long walks on the beach without the tourist crowds.

And most of all some of your best memories were when you skipped class to head to the beach, especially if a hurricane was coming.

by Ava Vorhees

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