Anyone can vinyasa

The subtle practice of vinyasa (moving meditation) is an accessible and powerful exercise for everyone willing to try.

Vinyasa yoga links asanas (yoga postures) with pranayama (breath control) .

Although some may believe that yoga is awkward or intimidating, vinyasa is actually graceful and accepting for all.

Vinyasa yoga is a simple and effective practice for anyone seeking to enhance his/hertheir mental and physical health.

Below are five explanations for how anyone and everyone can practice this style of yoga to cultivate strength, balance, flexibility, energy, and awareness.

Challenges muscles to get stronger

Whether you are a bodybuilder or a couch potato, Vinyasa will challenge your muscles to break down and build up stronger.

It prompts strength in both stillness and movement because it requires holding poses and active transitions.

Encourages weight distribution

Even if you are not a gymnast, vinyasa will necessitate an even distribution of your weight to remain upright and steady.

Vinyasa includes various poses and transitions that condition the body for balance.  

Teaches your body to bend in new ways

Although you cannot touch your toes, vinyasa will still call for your body to bend in ways that relieve muscular tension – and believe it or not, you can do it.

Vinyasa enhances flexibility by stretching a variety of muscles both statically and dynamically. Over time, your muscles will become more flexible.

Calms the mind

If you have the lungs of an Olympic swimmer or those of an avid smoker, vinyasa will relax your mind with deep breathing techniques that focus your body’s energetic flow.

Vinyasa induces efficient energy regulation by deepening the breath and calming the mind. Itwill direct your attention inward to the body and breath which enhances awareness in the mind. Vinyasa inspires living in the moment with focus and without mental distractions.


by Noah Wagner Belk

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