Why not eating meat is the best decision I’ve ever made

Six months into making the decision to stop eating any kind of meat from animals, and I’ve never felt better.

Refraining from consuming meat improves physical health substantially and is allowing me to “cleanse” my mental health of all guilt, and save money at the same time.

Many will say not eating meat deprives the body of essential nutrients when choosing to save the animals, but it’s really not hard to replace those vitamins and nutrients with alternative foods, like kale and quinoa.



The health benefits are immense


Most meat contains hormones, antibiotics and pesticides – and that’s not healthy for anyone.

By choosing to not eat the meat, those harmful toxins can be avoided.

Meat can contain up to 15 grams of fat and provide 230 calories per serving.

Protein is available in foods like vegetables, eggs and many plant-based seeds/nuts/beans.

The amount of carcinogens in today’s world is immense, from deodorant to artificial sweeteners, as well as meat from animals, these things are very bad for your health.


It’s a more fiscally responsible option

Meat is expensive compared to a diet consisting of fruits and vegetables and those premium cuts come at a cost, economically and physically.

Tofu and beans are about $3  for both while a pork loin alone is a hefty four dollars per pound.


Credit yourself with the moral high ground

Choosing to not eat meat reduces the need for meat to be processed.

And if there is less demand, there are fewer animals slaughtered.

Enjoying a meal without the guilt of knowing an innocent animal was murdered for your pleasure is a great bonus.


by Kyle Purvis

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