5 simple ways to become ‘a runner’

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Running is loved by many and hated by more.

But it is not as bad as you think, I promise.

Here is the motivation you need to become the runner you have always wanted to be.


Redefine your attitude.

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Running has the reputation of being a strenuous and grueling activity. But it is time to look at running in a new light.

Consider it as more of a mental exercise than a physical one. And look at it this way – with every small victory (an extra few minutes or a mile run without stopping, for example) you will redefine your belief in what you are capable of accomplishing.

Although you may never be the fastest of your running friends or be able to run the farthest, each run will give you some triumph and leave you feeling accomplished.


Run for the sense of achievement.

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Running is a journey of self-improvement. Every time you lace up your sneakers and get out there, you are competing with yourself to run a few extra minutes or a bit faster than you had the last time.

Running provides a sense of freedom plus the opportunity to explore. The only workouts I regret are the ones I don’t complete.


Explore new places and find the best running routes.

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Whether you follow your most frequent route or venture out to a new place, running always gives the opportunity to see your surroundings through a different lens.

You become a spectator on the sideline of all sorts of situations. You never know what you are going to see during your workout, and that is what makes this exercise so thrilling.

Before getting out there, you can plan your route using a phone app or website to track how far – and where – you will be going.


Find the drive you need for everyday life.

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Get your mind on track and build up the drive to accomplish anything.

The sense of achievement after running will carry on throughout your day and give you the motivation to tackle more goals

So don’t let inclement weather and dark days stop you from getting out the door. You know you will feel that much more accomplished during and after your run, which will lead to a productive day.


You will learn how to love yourself.

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It is important to love, respect and not give up on yourself.

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you can accomplish the toughest of routes or get through a workout in the most miserable weather conditions.

You will begin to see a positive change in your health. Nutritious foods and a good night sleep will help fuel your workouts.

Now tell me, does running really seem that bad? I didn’t think so.

So get out there and run!


by Jillian Tallent

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