5 reasons the ‘hookup culture’ must end

Ninety-one percent of college students claim their lives are dominated by the “hookup culture,” the more casual dynamic that has taken over today’s dating scene.

A hook-up is technically defined as any affectionate physical act with another person, regardless of the level of intimacy, and it can be classified into four different culture types – stereotypical, relationship, anti and coercive.

But for most college students, “hooking up” pretty much means a one-night stand with no hard feelings by either party.

Alcohol and sexual attraction are the two largest contributions to taking part in this culture, but if you’re one of them, there are a few things to consider about this “culture” because it is:

Making us cowards

The pressure to remain single in college is forcing people to be afraid of putting themselves out there since there is such a high risk of uncertainty to what will be the outcome.


Lowering our self-confidence

People are viewing themselves as not worthy to be in love due to constant rejection that is so common through “hooking up.”


Creating a lot of pressure

There is a lot of pressure to be a “typical” college student, meaning you have to go to parties, consume alcohol, and “hook up.”

But the reality is that while 70 percent of College students “hook up” the meaning is unclear and only a smaller 32 percent progress past just kissing.


Making us become incapable of forming healthy relationships

Some young adults have yet to experience a relationship thus they fail to know how amazing being emotionally linked to someone can be. It is becoming the ‘norm’ to have never been in a relationship until post grad.

Ninety percent of students interviewed claimed they wanted to get married, just at an older age.

If college students want to get married eventually then why wait until after school to form a romantic relationship with someone? Most people have multiple relationships before they are sufficient in obtaining a healthy accord.



“One of my guy friends once told me his post-college dream girl would be someone who wasn’t a slut” says a female class peer about a student who sleeps around frequently.

Is the hook up culture a leading reason to an increase in divorce rates?

Ultimately, the hookup culture goes against traditional relationships, which is detrimental to not only our self esteem but future relationships as well.


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