5 yoga poses to boost confidence in GenZ

With the rise of technology throughout the entire lives of GenZs,  the generation has been denied privilege of having a work-life balance

Since they were in fifth grade, this generation has had “work” at their fingertips – creating a personal brand, updating social media accounts, and constantly communicating with the digital world. 

Most young adults and teens are seeking answers to who they are, who they should be, and what they should be doing. 

GenZ seeks to find these answers online because they were not taught how to find these answers inside themselves, ultimately leading to a mental health crisis for many. 

Yoga instructors have noticed a positive change in their younger students who have begun distancing themselves from technology and practicing yoga. 

These are the five yoga poses many GenZ yogis have found to be beneficial in boosting confidence and finding themselves. 

Monkey Pose – Hanumanasana

Full split increases confidence in young adults and teens because it requires patience and practice.
Full-split doesn’t happen overnight – students will have to practice for weeks to get in tune with their bodies and minds. By working toward full split, students recognize finding the self is a journey. Achieving this pose allows young adults and teens to feel proud of their own accomplishments. 

Crescent Moon Pose – Āñjaneyāsana


Low lunge increases confidence because it is initially believed to be easy, but it takes significant resilience and space to feel strong here.
Students need to hold space for their bodies to expand and grow. This pose opens their minds to the idea of clarity and soft thoughts through awareness of the secret challenge it holds. 

Standing Forward Bend – Uttanasana 


Standing forward bend can be achieved by all levels of yoga practitioners, and never stops providing growth. This pose requires a significant opening in the hips which releases fasha (pockets of stress) decreasing low back pain and neck tension. Most importantly this pose teaches young adults to lead with their hearts and hold themselves high – boosting one’s self confidence. 

Mountain Pose – Tadasana 


Mountain Pose is the basis of one’s yoga practice because it joins the mind and body through the idea of rooting in to rise up. Students learn to ground themselves in place and understand reality is right in front of them, not on a screen. This pose not only will increase confidence while practicing but throughout daily life off the mat. 

Corpse Pose – Savasana 


Corpse pose is traditionally used for meditation at the end of practice – implying the idea of final relaxation. Students will learn to find stillness in their minds and let their thoughts come and go. This pose eradicates the questions GenZ has of who they are, who they should be, or/and what they should be doing. This allows becoming fully enlightened to the reality of what it feels like to be a human in the present moment. Students learn every moment can be their highlight and they don’t need technology to look forward.

by Grace Peyton



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