Podcast: Surf therapy a good boost for mental health

When you think of therapy, you probably picture someone sitting in a chair while a therapist jots down notes on a clipboard. But recently, surf therapy has been getting more recognition as a new form of counseling. 

Organizations such as the International Surf Therapy Organization have been advocating for the benefits surfing can have on mental health. 

Common patients of surf therapy are veterans and people who suffer from addiction.

Surf therapy can help ease peoples’ minds and help them to forget their problems. 

When you are surfing, it is quite difficult to think about anything other than surfing. You have to focus on balance, timing, speed and spatial awareness. 

And the great thing about surf therapy is you do not necessarily have to ‘schedule an appointment.’ If you really want to, you can go surf whenever you want just to be out in the water. 

If I’m ever having a bad day and I manage to get out to the waves, my mood immediately skyrockets. I do not think about what happened that day, I think about catching the next wave. 

Surfing is an escape from reality where you can be one with the environment and have some legitimate fun. 

Check out my podcast where I talk more about how surfing is a great release.

by Henry Williams


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