7 reasons why bulldogs are the best college dogs

College is a time when a lot of young adults start thinking about adopting a dog.

Bulldogs are the perfect match for just about any college student.

They are kind, smart and lazy dogs that are impossible not to fall in love with.

If their smushy faces and goofy underbites are not enough, here are seven more reasons why bulldogs are the best dogs for any college student.


Great stress relief

After a long day of classes, your bulldog will love nothing more than for you to tell him about your stresses from the day while you scratch behind his ears. Everything is always confidential, so you call tell your bulldog anything and know that it will stay between the two of you!



Built-in best friend

When your human friends want to go out, but you want to stay in, your bulldog will always be down to hang with you. Chances are he will even let you pick the movie.



Money saved on cleaning supplies

Don’t even bother buying a vacuum if you have a bulldog. Any food that gets dropped on the floor will be expertly licked up within seconds.



Home security

Any unwanted intruders will be attacked with kisses as soon as they enter your home. What bulldogs lack in bark, they make up for in licks.



They fit in small spaces

College beds are infamously small. Thankfully, bulldogs don’t mind snuggling up right next to you. The smaller the space, the better the cuddles.



You will never sleep through class

There is no need for an alarm clock when you have bulldog snores to wake you up. Bulldogs are very considerate and will time their snoring perfectly to make sure you never miss a class!



Excellent couch potatoes


Nobody does lazy Sundays better than bulldogs. Even if you want to spend your entire day studying on the couch, there will be a silky friend right next to you cheering you on.


by Jane Shawcross

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